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What Would You Ask: JJ Abrams

      Email Post       5/07/2009 11:16:00 AM      

Tomorrow afternoon, we'll get the chance to chat with J.J. Abrams, the man behind FRINGE, not to mention LOST, the new Star Trek movie, Cloverfield, Alias, et al. This will undoubtibly be a crowded conference call, so we may only get to ask one or two questions, but we still whnt to know - What would you ask JJ Abrams?

Submit your questions in the comments by noon tomorrow, and we'll try to include as many as we can!


Jason said...

Where do you come up with all your killer ideas? Do you have a magic box or anything like that?

Unknown said...

Do you anticipate Leonard Nimoy becoming a regular in Fringe, or just a cameo type character?

fringeobsessed said...

What is it about triangular relationships that you love so much?

LadySolitaire said...

I would want to know if he regularly watches his own shows (Fringe, LOST, etc.) either on their broadcast dates or on his DVR.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know if he thinks the plane's gonna crash every single time he takes one.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible, that Nimoy will do more than two episodes next season because he did say in an interview that he's ready whenever you need him? How are you going to work around that?

Anonymous said...

Is John Scott's story line done with?
What's your favorite episode so far?

David Wu said...


Do you check the Fringe fan-created websites or podcasts to see which theories fans are buzzing about (and to see how accurate they are)?

David Wu
Seattle, WA

ICEMAN said...

Does he use the same writing techniques as the writers of family guy, with the Walrsus' in the tank with "idea balls"? (its a joke- its from south park)

But seriously- How r u SSSOOOOOOOO AWESOMELY Smart and Creative?

Brian said...

When constructing the idea for "Fringe," did you think it would have the same heat and following as "Lost?"
Do you think the shows go hand in hand? As in, I think you have to have certain way of thinking and understanding to watch "Lost," does the same go with "Fringe?"

Awesome shows. Can't wait to see where "Fringe" is going, and seeing the last episode of "Lost" is probably going to be one of the saddest days ever. ...you think I'm joking.

Alex said...

Will there be a ARG campaign for Fringe season 2?

Anonymous said...

I know this question won't be asked
but hey, its a question.

What is in store for Peter Bishop since his character was pushed in the background in the first season?

Daniel said...

Will there be a Alias: The Movie? Something I would watch in cinemas!

Anonymous said...

How well do you think Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen will be?

Are you really happy Fringe has a second season?

DNL said...

In what way is Fringe different than any other show you've made so far?

Dani said...

Please tell him he's my GODDARN hero, seriously.
On another note, what's his favourite thing to work on, and will Fringe take a new direction in season two or will it be more of the awesome same?

I am in love with this man so so much.

Caroline said...

-Are you planning on directing any future Fringe episodes?
-How different did Fringe turn out than you had originally envisioned it?

Dani said...

Who is your favourite character from any of your shows you've had to kill off?

Have you ever just gotten really irritated by a character and thought 'lets just kill them.'

Lost has www.oceanic-air.com, will Massivedynamic.com be the only Fringe one?

DOES HE HEAR MY PRAYERS? As he is the almighty God - okay I'll cut my fangirly rant short.

How much more awesomeness can one man hold?
Okay i'll stop there. :D

Kim said...

What or who is your inspiration behind these strong female lead characters you create (Sydney Bristow, Oliva Dunham)? They are great role models for young women.

How did you choose the character name Olivia Dunham?

Jennifer Garner did a CIA recruitment video. Do you think Anna Torv will do the same for the FBI?

Do you have any regrets from Season 1, things you wished you had done differently?

What are you most looking forward to exploring or revealing in Season 2?

Dani said...

Sorry I keep posting, I keep thinking of more questions :D

Who is his least favourite and favourite character he has created?

Would he rather work with John Locke or Walter Bishop?

When will we find out who the Northwoods Group are?

WHO IS DR PERRETI? His/her name was on a gravestone in The Arrival and also in the book opposite 'Moncarch' in The Dreamscape. Obviously Casey Perreti and Dr Perreti aren't the sane person...are they? I'm bloody obsessed with Perreti, it's goddarn irritating!!

Lorna said...

How did the casting of the three main leads..Anna, John and Joshua, come about?
Did J.J. have these three in mind or were a lot of names tossed about before a decision was made?

Edward said...

In a word, what's next?

Anonymous said...

I know that Cloverfield 2 is gonna be on hold for a bit until you guys find something else to blow our minds away with, but is there any time frame in which you'd like to see it released? 2010? 2011?

John Joyce said...

is there a rough outline of Fringe? as in the style of Lost, where you know that if you can get however many seasons you want there are laid out plans for, at least loosely?

Anonymous said...

My question is why did fringe have to take so many multi-week breaks? I understand that epsiodes have to be fillmed and edited but I have never seen a show do this before. Still love it though!!

Anonymous said...

Do you already know exactly how everything will come together at the very end?

Dani said...

Do the names mean anything in this show like they do, apparently, in Lost?

Jim in Georgia said...

Unlike Lost viewers, those of us watching Fringe don't have any real idea when things are happening. Had you ever thought about giving us some frame of reference on the calendar?

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