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Fringe Episode 119: The Road Not Taken

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Olivia experiences "awake dreams," seeing elaborate visions of things not really there. While investigating a disturbing case of a woman who apparently spontaneously combusted, Olivia throws caution to the wind and explores her unexplained visions further. Meanwhile, Walter discusses key information about the Z.F.T. manifesto, and Peter reveals a secret that yields unexpected results in the case in the all-new "The Road Not Taken." And for Observer sightings and what they don't tell you, check out the Easter Eggs Section.

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Jen said...

Interesting things:
The Susan Pratt twin was a grey/black dresser like Nick & Olivia. The surviving twin wasn't. Also, Susan had a rather prominent copy of the sci-fi classic 'Childhood's End', by Arthur C Clarke on her bookshelf. This book features an evolved race of children that are harbingers of the end of the world as humankind is absorbed into a super alien being called the Overmind. Hmm.
And lastly, Susan had that Boom Crunch cereal in her cupboard that Peter bought for Walter.

Silver-D said...

Yes, interesting indeed.
Thanks for the info about the book - the director clearly focused on it.

I am wondering if Walter will be back soon. He looked back to his lab before going with the observer, as if to say goodbye. At least that's the impression that I got. Moreover, I think both Olivia and Walter would feel awkward around each other if met immediately after their encounter in the cafe.

Does anyone know if the gun in the last scene was a dart gun or real? Hoping it was only a dart gun...
Any ideas on the two men? If you look closely, the guy shooting was either hesitating, or aiming. Not professional killer? Was he looking in the eyes or to where the gun was pointing? Something strange about that scene.

Argh, awesome episode.. I'm craving for more!

ICEMAN said...

On the Chat last night everyone was suggesting that Robert Jones had her shot (i dont think he would do it himself- but it could have been him). But yeah i highly doubt they killed her- it was probably a dart gun.

Nd did anyone else notice the "limp" that Nina had? when she walked she had a very noticeable limp? maybe she got a fake leg- lyk her fake arm-

maybe she has some disease or something- i just thought it was really obvious

Anonymous said...

Dart gun? Unprofessional Killer? Seriously, the gun was real and it had a silencer on it. It looked like a Glock.

Is she dead? I would say yes. Why? Well, if they had someone like Harris in there trying to stop them from getting any closer to the case (and it turned out Harris was in on it the whole time), what makes you think they didn't have Broyles office bugged or even a little farfetched, Bell had Nina's arm bugged. I mean he DID make the damn thing. So... if that is true, then it stands to reason that when Nina went to see Broyles, she let some info be known that Bell didn't want to let be known.

Cut to masked gunman pointing a gun at Nina, and the moment wasnt a moment of hesitation but a moment to let it sink in that "hey, you went against the grain and bit the hand that fed you... now you have to be put down."

I have to say I'm glad Harris is dead. I hated that bastard... and I love this show so much. I first started watching it when I was in Iraq last year and I am definately getting season one on blu ray

Anonymous said...

thank you for the book info- very insightful.. maybe its what is to come...

Anonymous said...

My hypothesis: Nina Sharp was killed in order to test something that will bring her back to life.

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