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Fringe ARG: There Is More - The Leaf

      Email Post       5/15/2009 08:41:00 PM      

The new Fringe ARG site was updated today, and the leaf symbol has now been activated.

Clicking on the leaf reveals a torn William Bell biography page.

William Bell, CEO & Chairman of Massive Dynamic - Since founding the company in 1992, William Bell has played a key role in every aspect of the business, from R&D to marketing. His personal vision continues to guide the firm's progress, and his ongoing research constantly yields new innovations and product lines. A seven-time honoree in Business Leaders Journal's list of The description of William Bell is the same as what can be found at on the MassiveDynamic website, however, has not yet been updated with a current picture.

* Thanks to Kirk King and Mandy for the info!


tallone said...

This is interesting, but so far no new information is coming out of the viral site. Hopefully, the next glyph will be more informative. It's still kind of fun though.

maven said...

Do you all think this will become something akin to TLE?

Dennis said...

I doubt it... :)

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