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Walter's Lab Notes: There's More Than One Of Everything

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Walter's Lab Notes from There's More Than One Of EverythingWalter's Lab Notes from There's More Than One Of Everything include the missing ZFT chapter of ethics, and a drawing from a young Peter Bishop, depicting some sort of experiment with William "Belly" Bell, and what looks a cow...?

Walter's notes explain the presence of the blueprints in previous Lab Notes - together they form a golden spiral, and at the center something is hidden - a hole in the universe?

Also in the notes:
  • The first quote "all mankind is of one author..." is from English poet John Donne's Meditation XVII, where the famous quote "No man is an island" comes from
  • The second quote is from The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, a "roman à clef" about mental illness
  • The third quote is from The Bells by Edgar Allen Poe.
  • S. S. Kresge refers to Sebastian Spering Kresge, a philanthropist best know for founding KMart. Kresge has many buildings named after him, including the Kresge building at Harvard, where Walter's Lab is located is in its basement.
  • The final quote "No, 'tis not so deep as a well.." one of the final lines of Mercurtio from Act 3, Scene 1 of Romeo And Juliet.
All of Walter's Lab Notes from Season 1 can now also be found at


Anonymous said...

oh another lil tidbit i found to be really amazing was the part about how belly always knew how to prod the deepest thoughts from my "brane". i knew that couldnt be a typo because a) walter bishop is such a genius that he wouldnt mis-spell something as simple as brain and, b) this whole photograph was purposefully arranged this way and everything in it was done exactly the way it was intended... so with a quick google search i found out that "brane" is actually a way to explain a universe within a "whole" or "bulk". basically like those packing peanuts in a huge box, so that each peanut would be a universe or reality and the box would be like a "whole" or "bulk". pretty amazing depth for a mispelled word!!! :P


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