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Could Fringe Be An Emmy Contender?

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Could Fringe Be An Emmy Contender?The LA Times' awards blog "The Envelope", has an interesting article discussing the possibilities of Fringe joining "the Emmy Mainstream". It's certainly not unprecedented, with other "genre" shows such as LOST and X-Files taking home Emmys in the past.

The deadline for nominations is not until May 31, and the Fringe season finale which airs next Tuesday could be the best episode yet.

According to Jason Hughes of TV Squad: "Fringe is one of the best hours on television right now, and it could well be poised to be one of the all-time greats!"

What do you think about an Emmy (or two or three) for Fringe? Outstanding Drama Series? John Noble for best supporting Actor?


D Writer said...

If nothing else, please give John Noble an Emmy. I've been yelling "Give this man an Emmy!" since about halfway through the season. He acting is simply superb. He blows me away EVERY episode. The comedy and dramatic mix that is required for his role is especially challenging and he seems to handle it with ease. Amazing.

Dani said...

"Fringe is one of the best hours on television right now, and it could well be poised to be one of the all-time greats!"

And John Noble is such an amazing actor, but then they all are. Josh delivers his lines perfectly, Anna is just... awesome and Kirk...does the voice. :D

Anonymous said...

I think that Anna Torv could very well contend for Best Actress, if she submits "The Transformation", "Bad Dreams", "Ability", and "Inner Child".

John Noble should submit "The Equation" or "The Road Not Taken".

Anonymous said...

John Noble definitely deserves an Emmy. His acting is really brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Id be suprised if Fringe DOESNT win an Emmy

Tanya said...

Hell yes(!), Fringe should win for best drama, and ABSOLUTELY John Noble should win, he has impressed me so much. His talent is stunning!

Gil_Cdn said...

Yes! Both Anna Torv and John Noble deserves Emmy nomination! Although, it would be quite a coup if two Aussies from the same series winning Emmy .....

David said...

Fringe could be in there for best drama, but I think that Lost and Grey's Anatomy have also shined this year. However freshman shows have taken it before, such as Lost. I actually think that Anna Torv in "Bad Dreams" gave an incredible performance, and I would actually like to see her get a nomination for Best Lead Actress. I'd also like to see Ellen Pompeo in there for "Stairway to Heaven" and Evangeline Lilley for "Whatever Happened, Happened;" in Grey's Anatomy and Lost, respectively. It should be interesting! Although, I find actors/actresses in these sci-fi shows get snubbed for some reason. Ellen Pompeo never gave a really incredible performance, so since she now has, it should be interesting to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I love all he performances on Fringe, but I must say, if someone is gonna be nominated, it should be John Noble. Actually, if he doesn't get nominated for best actor this year, then the Emmy judges loose any kind of trustworthiness for me.

The show's writing quality has varied a lot, though. I hope they get thing to a more steady pace next year.

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