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Fringe Programming Note

      Email Post       5/12/2009 08:07:00 PM      

Tonight's episode of Fringe is scheduled to start at 9:04 PM. The end time is still 10:00 PM, but remember this is all subject to change is American idol goes over (again...)


Anonymous said...

It is one thing for American Idol/Idiot to be scheduled to air for over 60 Minutes (cutting the run time of the next show) and another for them AI to grab even more time by running over their extended time slot. If they are not able to fit their show into their extended slot then FOX should apply the "Heidi Bowl" solution to them and start the next show ON TIME.

Anonymous said...

I live in Seattle and can no longer get new episodes of either Bones or Fringe. Why? I have Broadstripe Cable.

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