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Anna Torv On Good Day LA

      Email Post       5/09/2009 12:54:00 PM      

Anna Torv was on Good Day LA, where they mostly grilled her about her relationship with co-star (and now husband) Mark Valley. (Thanks for the tip, Kim!)


snicketsfile said...

Good Day LA is obnoxious from the multiple clips I've seen of them.

I don't think Anna was fully liking this interview. She gave that "Yeah, that's kind of obvious..." feeling.

I wish they talked more about the show.

Anonymous said...

Yea. I agree. They are all like overlapping eachother and not talking about anything almost. lol.

Although i didnt know Anna And Mark got married. Thats so kewl!

Mandy said...

Oh, Good Day L.A. is just a flighty little show.

It's good exposure, I guess.

I have this recorded too, if you needed an original copy.

But JJ Abrams was also on Tavis Smiley and The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, which I also recorded. I'm uploading them all to YouTube and will send them over to you, Dennis! :)

carolina said...

Oh, goodness, I hope this didn't scare Anna into never being interviewed again. They really didn't let up. Also, here's a YouTube link, I have trouble loading the one from the website:

Dani said...

Woah this is a sorta shallow show lol :D
On another note, screw 'Los Angelees' (I say that too lol and is Englizz :D ) i love the way she says 'yah'. it infected me. i cant say 'yeah' without feeling weird now lol :D
On ANOTHER note, they suck lol. I mean fine, gush about JJ, i do lol. But what's wrong with the show lol!? It was only talked about for about 30 seconds :D
On the LAST note (i promise :) ) Anna is awesome and has become my favourite actress ever :)
Well, her and Evanna Lynch :P

Anonymous said...

I love seeing these interview things, but they were really obnoxious. ANNA IS THE BEST!

Dani said...

Oh yah (hehe) Star Trek! It was AWESOME!
It's the first one I've seen and I'm in bloody love with it.

ICEMAN said...

wow- she really has much more of an accent- she really good at hiding her accent on Fringe- props to being skilled enough to hide that

Anonymous said...

It was tacky of that guy to ask her if they got married to "give it a shot and try it out". I mean who gets married thinking that? And what kind of answer did he expect? It was a tactless question that was uncalled for, but Anna as usual answered gracefully by saying "he's my mate". It was the cutest and most honest answer ever in my opinion. And I agree with other comments that she was a bit irritated by some of the random comments and questions.

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