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Walter's Lab Notes: The Road Not Taken

      Email Post       5/09/2009 12:01:00 PM      

Two new pieces of the Fibonacci spiral this week, plus some other goodies:
  • Walter reasserts that it was William Bell who wrote the Manifesto (the typewriter was better-suited to his long fingers).
  • He compares the Chapter of Ethics to the Gospel of Judas again, convinced that it will prove Bell innocent.
  • He alludes to mythological "firestarters," such as Prometheus, Mixcoatl, Surt, and Vulcan.
  • He deplores himself for being unable to answer Olivia's questions in the coffee shop, and vows to jump-start his memory using his old record collection.
  • Walter prefers Chicago over Delta Blues!


Anonymous said...

Would have been cool if no notes were done since he had to go

tallone said...

He seems somewhat remorseful in these notes,but troubled.

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