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HijiNKS Ensue: A Severe Case Of Scullyosis

      Email Post       5/13/2009 05:26:00 PM      

Joel Watson's HijiNKS Ensue webcomic takes on Peter's skepticism, and coins a new term "Scullyosis". LOL

* Thanks to Paul D for sending this in!


Stonecypher said...

Not only do I love the comic, I love that it's called 'Scullyosis'! Walter looks so cute in the last panel!

Anonymous said...

Great, another article on the "Hate Peter Bishop" campaign.

Anonymous said...

I'm just ssooo glad I'm not the only one who gets ssooo tired of Peter always saying what can't be! This is the only thing that stops this show from being the best ever! Writer! Give Peter some faith in ALL things science!!!!

Anonymous said...


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