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JJ Abrams Interview

      Email Post       5/11/2009 03:09:00 PM      

The King of Media himself, JJ Abrams, spoke with a handful of journalists (including one of our own) on Friday about Fringe. Specifically, this week's finale and what to expect in Season 2 (no specific spoilers). Here's the audio from the call:

We got to ask two questions, including one of your own! Here's the transcript from our part of the call:

(At the 10:30 mark)
Adam Morgan
All of your projects feature very strong-willed, independent females like Olivia Dunham. Who or what is your inspiration for those characters?
JJ AbramsI would like to think that I've been luck enough to work on projects that have strong-willed characters who happen to be male or female, and in the case of characters like Kate or Sydney Bristow, and certainly Olivia Dunham, those are females that hopefully pop because they are interesting and strong-willed, but I could also point to certain male characters that have the same things. I guess the answer is that I don't really try to write characters that are strong women, I just try to write, when I can, strong characters, and if they happen to be women, they happen to be women.

And in my life, I've got the most spectacular wife in Katie McGrath. She is probably the strongest and best influence on me that I've ever had. And I would say that it's no coincidence that it was after I met her that I wrote Felicity, mostly because she reminded me to write about stuff that I actually care about again. It had been a while. But her strength, and her amazing ability to not only immediately understand right and wrong, but she's amazingly capable of articulating that position. And she's very socially active and politically minded, and fights the good fight, and she's someone who is definitely an inspiration, who happens to be a woman.
(At the 25:10 mark)

Adam Morgan
By the way, I saw Trek last night, and I'm going again tonight. I loved it.
JJ AbramsGod bless you, sir. Thank you very much.
Adam Morgan
Anyway, now that we've seen Charlie and Broyles in this alternate reality, do you think we might run into, say, a still-breathing John Scott over there?
JJ Abrams
I would say that it would be very difficult now that "John Scott's" show got picked up.
Adam Morgan
Ooo, that's right.
JJ Abrams
But having said that, I'm very excited that it got picked up. And I do think that there will be some very interesting things happening, given this "other place" that you're referring to. And again, that's part of the fun of the show, and I hope one of the aspects of the show that makes it incredibly unique. Meaning, my favorite kinds of ideas are the things that we work on that make me think, "there's no other show on television that could do that wierd thing." That's my favorite kind of an idea. And I just think that if you don't go for those, then the show becomes increasingly mundane and disposable. But the more you can do some of those things, even if they don't work, to try and do those things that feel specifically "that show." Anyway, there are some things with that "other place" that I think will feel uniquely "Fringe."


Mischa said...

this player thingy really sucks.. cant you somehow give us the mp3? i'd really appreciate it...

Dennis said...

You can download the audio here: http://www.archive.org/details/FringeConferenceCallWithJjAbrams

Bruab said...

I guess I don't understand what they meant by seeing Charlie and Broyles in an alternate reality...


Dennis said...


In the last episode, Olivia kept having "flashes" of an "alternate reality", where things looked the same, but were slightly

She first see's Broyles' office, and his desk has moved and is messy - then she snaps out of it and everything is normal.

Olivia also sees the city on fire in another flash.

She has another flash, and see's Charlie with scar on his face, and the "Alternate Charlie" (or Scarlie) gives Olivia a clue to the case the name of the twin.

Brian said...

ohh ha, duh.
I don't know why I was still thinking on the lines of Star Trek.
This is why I shouldnt be online so late at night :)

Hense why I typed "Bruab" as my name instead of "Brian."

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