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Walter's Lab Notes: Fringe 110

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Walter's Lab Notes from Fringe episode 110 Safe, features the severed hand of the botched bank robber Raul Lugo, a photo of Raul stuck in the safe wall, what looks to be a safe deposit box. In the notes, Walter mentions:
  • Transcendentalists, who believe the spiritual state 'transcends' the physical and empirical
  • Ralph Wald Emerson, who was himself prominent transcendentalist
  • Ernest Rutherford who devised the planetary model of the atom
  • Rutherford's Geiger-Marsden experiment, also known as the Gold Foil experiment, which led to that discovery
  • "Space is ample, east and west, But two cannot go abreast" is a quote from Emerson's The Over-soul
  • Pythagoras, best know for the Pythagorean theorem, believed in something called the "harmony of the spheres", or Musica universalis. He believed that the planets and stars moved according to mathematical equations, which corresponded to musical notes and thus produced a symphony.
- Project 1069 - Exploration 1 -

The Transcendentalists has the right idea, they merely lacked the technological tools. How did Raph Waldo put it? Oh yes;

Nature shows all things formed and bound. The intellect pierces the form, overlaps the wall, detects intrinsic likeness between remote things, and reduces all things into a few principles.

Or in this case, a few particles. Yet those particles fill less than one percent of the space within the atom, virtually all of it contained within the nucleus. The protons and neutrons themselves consist mostly of space between their constituent up and down quarks. Subatomic vibration (of an origin that I cannot fathom) could in principal disturb the energy fields between, allowing the penetration of other particles through the open doors. To break on through to the other side!

Yet just as some small fraction of Rutherford's electrons failed to pierce the gold foil and bounced back instead, some fraction of the particles within the perpetrators' atoms must have collided with particles in the wall -- resulting, of course, in the release of ionizing radiation! It is perfectly obvious, upon reflection: "Space is ample, east and west, But two cannot go abreast." Although that well-endowed Baltimorean woman might beg to differ. Harmony of the spheres indeed! Pythagoras, you dog.

- Cleveland: homeless man with superfluous nipple hidden beneath his grimy coat
- Baltimore: idle ditty whistled by street vendor, every D was just a little flat
- Philadelphia: fabulous crusty cheesesteak sandwich at Beach and Palmer

So many details, yet none that actually matter! Where oh where have my details gone? Lost -- or stolen. I asked the Summoner if I could search for my errant thoughts in his lost and found, be he refused, said I'd find the missing friars in Satan's hindquarters. Curse him! I know the rule: "cannot build phallic puzzles inside the lab." I still know the numbers, too -- well I damn well should, it's a simple second-order recursive algorithm -- but a mnemonic is worthless without its contents. Like a sad coat rack with empty pegs.


tallone said...

That's interesting about the music. It will be interesting to see how that plays pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe this was already addressed, but I think that walter has a memnotic phrase to remember the cities he placed the objects in.(cannot build phallic puzzles inside the lab)


I apologise if his has already been noted.

Capcom said...

Interesting idea!

tallone said...

Good one Anon.

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