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LA Times: Web Surfer's Guide To Fringe

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The L.A. Times has a great web-surfer's guide to Fringe. The article mentions official viral sites like and, semi-official sites like J.R. Orci's Blog and, and important fan sites like, and of course :), which they describe as:
It's where I go to find out most of what I missed, plus it has great links...
Thanks Andrew!

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'Fringe': Web-surfing for 'Fringe'-fanatics
By Andrew Hanson

"Fringe" might have taken a break with an encore presentation of "The Ghost Network," but there's no rest for fanatical Fringehead or devoted Show Trackers. As 'Fringe' reshows a few of its greatest hits over the next few weeks, there are plenty of places online to fill that all-consuming need for new facts and information on the Pattern.

Apply for an internship at Massive Dynamics: "Fringe" exists beyond your 46-inch LCD screen. There's a whole ARG (alternate gaming reality) growing on the Internet. Your best jumping-off points into this other world are the Massive Dynamics official site and ImagineTheImpossibilities. If you're the type that always needed the hint book for that extra edge when it came to puzzles, though, you might need to check out the next site.

War over edits to Astrid's page: Have an hour or six to waste? You might want to dig into Fringepedia. Take a dip in the pool of collective knowledge. Help figure out what the images that lead into or out of each commercial break denote. Meticulously catalog every narcotic Walter professes to take. Or just spell-check every instance of "Fibonacci Sequence." It's fun for everyone. And if a wiki doesn't give you enough opportunity to get into arguments with your fellow posters, you can always take your social issues over to the Fringe Forums.

Delve into your own fringe science: Glowing Monkeys. I'm not sure what this has to do with the show, but it's mentioned on several other "Fringe"-related sites. Plus it's just full of crazy science. Isn't that enough?

Track down any Observers you've missed: The encore episodes make for the perfect time to brush up on your baldy spotting skills, but if you want to go back and check where your keen eyes have failed you, check out this compilation. The Fringe Television site is a great location for tracking all the scavenger hunts going on throughout the series, whether you're looking for Observer spottings, next episode clues, Massive Dynamic posters or whatever. It's where I go to find out most of what I missed, plus it has great links like our last one.

Step into the mind of a writer/supervising producer: Want to see what the powers that be over a "Fringe" see? Pop on over to J.R. Orci's Flickr page. Not only do you get fun facts, like the existence of the Neoclinus Blanchardi or Sarcastic Fringehead, but you also can check out some cool behind-the-scenes peeks at meetings and late-night writing sessions and, of course, the occasional pic of the Hustler store.

Well, those should keep you busy until "Fringe" returns or at least until the holiday slump at your office passes and you have to get back to at least pretending to work. Looks like next week's encore is "The Arrival." Grab a buddy who's never seen the show and relive the exposure of the Observer. Should get him or her hooked. It's the episode that did it for me.


Adele said...

Congrats Dennis and Andrew on the recognition for all that you guys do. You deserve it, you handsome devils!

Capcom said...

Ditto! You are my go-to-guys as well! :-D

Dennis said...

Just to be clear, Andrew is person who wrote the article. :) He doesn't 'work' for FringeTelevision...

I'm actually running the site by myself ATM...

Adele said...

Sorry, that's what happens when you write before your first caffeine hit for the day ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice one Dennis, congratulations!

J.R. said...

Dude -- you've become so mainstream!

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