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Fringe: Best Of 2008 Lists

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Vote for me, or the papaya gets it!Walter Bishop is nominated for Best New TV Character of 2008 over at He's got some pretty stiff competition ahead of him right now: Owen of Grey's Anatomy, Megan of Privileged, and Holly of The Office (BTW, who isn't even on the show anymore - and likely won't be back...). So head on over and vote for Walter, or the papaya gets it!

On, Walter made the Top 10 Shiny New Supporting Characters, coming in at #7.

And Fringe won's reader poll of Best New Fall Show! Congratulations!
has Joshua Jackson on it's TV's 50 Sexiest Men of 2008, at #41

Entertainment Weekly picked Fringe as #7 on their 10 Best TV Shows of 2008


Jay said...

Where's the picture from?! It's so funny!

Dennis said...

It's from Safe, when he's going through the old box of toys. He's says "NO TALKING" while pointing the gun at Peter.

Adele said...

Fringe just got listed as one of the top ten shows for 2008 over at Their accomapanying comment was great too -,,20162677_20164091_20247252_3,00.html.

crafty madam said...

Also on the top of the NYT year end list:

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