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Fringe Tonight: The Ghost Network

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Our unlikely trio investigates a horrific bus incident in which the dead bodies of commuters are frozen inside a bus like insects in amber. Led by the unconventional Dr. Bishop, who requests a piano in the lab to help him process data, the team uncovers a man who has visions of Pattern-related disturbances before they happen, and race to decipher the distraught man's thoughts to prevent another atrocious event from occurring.
Tonight's episode of Fringe is an encore performance (repeat) of The Ghost Network (103). But as the saying goes, if you haven't seen it, it's new to you.

The Ghost Network links:
The next two weeks will be repeats as well; next week will be The Arrival (104), and the following week is Power Hungry (105).

The next new Fringe episode is Bound (111) on January 20th.

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