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Tonight On Fringe: Power Hungry

      Email Post       12/23/2008 01:18:00 PM      

Tonight's episode of Fringe is an encore performance (repeat) of Power Hungry (Fringe Episode #105).
When it's discovered that a rather simple man has the ability to harness electricity, dangerous and deadly occurrences follow, and our unlikely trio investigates this super-charged oddity. Meanwhile, Olivia has a high-voltage encounter of a different kind when she is rocked by a blast from her past, and Dr. Bishop turns to his feathered friends, enlisting homing pigeons to break the case.
Power Hungry links:
The next two weeks will be repeats as well; next week will be The Cure (#106), and the following week is In Which We Meet Mr. Jones (#107).

The next new Fringe episode is Bound (#111) on January 20th.

(Yes, this post is a little late...)


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