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E Online Inverviews Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson, the Stars of J.J. Abrams' & FOX's New Drama Fringe

      Email Post       5/29/2008 02:59:00 AM      

Here's a video interview with two of Fringe's stars, Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham) and Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop).

...The answer is, it's a limitless universe on Fringe, so anything and every thing they can dream up, hopefully we will be able to put on screen. One other note--aside from the scarf(!?)--is how Joshua comes to Anna's rescue in the interview, and whether in typical Abrams leading lady fashion, that dynamic is reversed on screen.


Anonymous said...

It won't play for me. It's blank. Nothing, can't even see the player.

tallone said...

good interview.....ok who knows about the leaf? saw it on the poster...player worked ok anon

Edward said...

Anon: Try downloading the player here: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

tallone said...

hey folks...i saw on anothet site this address...which comes from Nathan's site...he'll send you updates

here's the link
put "land" in the subject line....it takes two-three days to get a response.

Mischa said...

hm okay, in the leaf is a triangle, the ink poster has an eye in it, the apple has two babys and i don't know about the hand and the figure, guess some words in the background but can't read them..

i guess this is really just about looking closer than usual.. im looking forward to some real arg like cloverfield and lost, i loved those.

tallone said...

me too...did you see the press conference from Holomov?

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview...Josh Jackson always impresses with his enthusiasm for whatever project he is involved with and he seems to really know his stuff with the whole concept of 'Fringe'. poor Anna seemed a little overwhelmed and unsure of what she was or was not allowed to say on camera..she will have mastered her interview technique by the start of the 2nd season of the show, hopefully!

tallone said...

just in case you didn't read it elsewhere( in the other part of the blog)...Nathan is very upset....talking about a code...stay on alert...

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