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Fringe (Rough Cut 90 Or So Minute) Pilot Screened & Reviewed

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This is the sign on the road that warns you of road work ahead and to be prepared to stop. Only it's not road work ahead, it's spoiler warnings ahead, and while they'll tell you when to stop, you follow links herein at your own risk.

Synopsis of the Fringe Pilot Reviews:

TVWeek's Vlada Gelman is robotic and matter-of-fact (wasted). With the exception of a few superficial observations, it's a completely neutral review.

Sci Fi Wire's Patrick Lee uses all the right key words, but forgets to have an opinion.

IGN's Eric Goldman breaks ranks with Vlada and Patrick and dares to write at length about his impressions. His review ends with, "...once the core trio of characters are united, it's very easy to see how this series -- and the dynamic these characters bring -- will work and it's a journey many will likely find worth taking."

TV Squad's Kristin Sample naivete bubbles just under the surface as she clearly took notes and made observations as if she were lucky enough to be attending an "event." Which, of course, she was. Thanks Kristin. Kristin's opinion, "If The X-Files and CSI had a baby and that baby's godfather was Heroes, then that would be Fringe. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, after attending a screening of J.J. Abrams' new show at Fox studios in Century City, I can vouch that it is indeed pretty good. One might even say it's more than pretty good; it's great in fact."

Variety's Cynthia Littleton breaks it down pros (plural) and con (singular) style and has some interesting reflections of the type you might expect from someone who has been paying attention to Fringe long enough to have developed a few preconceptions worth disproving.

E! Online's Jennifer Godwin gives the Fringe pilot the full treatment in an extensive review, but also writes, "Long story short? [Fringe is] super."

All told, and with the exception of a few minor quibbles and those that forgot to have an opinion, every last review was near glowing if not glowing.


tallone said...

can't wait to see this!!!
I'll resist saying anything....
Good job you guys on this site

tallone said...

this site mentioned in the reviews is "under construction"

Edward said...

Nice find tallone. The review you're talking about: "Later in the pilot, Dunham's investigation leads to corporate executive Nina Sharp of Massive Dynamics."

Sounds like Massive Dynamics is the new name for the Prometheus Corp from the early script reviews.

The whois on says the site was originally created back in September of 06, which is way before an in game site would be created. Still, "Massive Dynamics" is worth looking into.

p.s. Thanks for all your contributions.

tallone said...

ok edward...oh I didn't know that...but we'll see what turns up...when I find sometime i"ll let you guys know..

tallone said...

thanks by the way...excuse my manners

tallone said...

hey you go this came through the RSS feed sometime today from Holomov...notice Nathan's friend (or whatever)Eliza is there...this film was the same on Nathan's private Blog...this is Dr.G's lab.

I really had to crank the volume to hear it

this was not up this A.M...came sometime today.

tallone said...

sorry I met the experiment part was on Nathan's site.

tallone said...

nathan's talking about a code on his private blog...keep your eyes and ears open everyone

fred said...

there's another review of the pilot, from TVoholic !

I guess you can't say there isn't an opinion in this one...

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