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First Images From Fringe Pilot

      Email Post       5/14/2008 10:41:00 PM      

The NYT and USA Today have images from the Fringe pilot accompanying their stories on FOX's upfront presentation at Gotham's City Center today.

My guess is that these images were part of a press packet. Hopefully one of the lucky recipients of said packet will see fit to post all the material or they could forward them to us and we'll put them on the web.

The accompanying blurb from the NYT story:

The network is hoping that “Fringe,” the drama created by Mr. Abrams, among others, will have better luck. It is the story of an F.B.I. special agent (played by Anna Torv) who is called upon to investigate a mysterious Boston plane crash. For assistance, she seeks out a brilliant scientist who has the disadvantage of having been institutionalized for the previous two decades.


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