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Blair Brown - Nina Sharp

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Blair Brown plays Nina Sharp, 16-year veteran at Prometheus Corp. Massive Dynamics : brilliant, ...

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LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Australian actress Anna Torv is J.J. Abrams' latest discovery.

The newcomer to the U.S. has been tapped as the lead in "Fringe," Fox's high-profile sci-fi drama from Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Veteran TV and stage actress Blair Brown and Jasika Nicole also have joined the cast...

...Brown will play the brilliant Nina Sharp, a 16-year veteran at Prometheus Corp., a cutting-edge research facility. - Reuters


Anonymous said...

I love the show but cringe every time you say Astrids' name. Americans slaughter it every time. As a Swedish/German person with this name I've yet to hear it pronounced correctly. White Oleander did this also. It should be sounding like: Us Treed or Us Trid, as the "A" sound is like ah. Hispanic people are the only other culture that pronounce my name correctly. Why can't Americans? Just had to vent but the show other than that is great, like X-files. Thx.

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