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Will Fringe Come With A Viral Element?

      Email Post       5/20/2008 02:35:00 PM      

And if it does, will it be any good?

That is the question being asked by RopeofSilicon, NYMag and an as yet unknown number of Fringe/Abrams fans who are lining up to trying to find and connect disparate, cryptic and quasi clues to who knows what (read: The Pattern). But the kicker is if there is an Abrams style viral campaign in the cards, chances are it's already afoot, and the first clues to its existence have already been sprinkled among the teaser trailer and sneak peeks and/or posters. In fact, history being the best predictor at this stage of the game, chances are good that there's a Fringe related viral website already up and running just waiting to be found.

Harkening back to campaigns of old for more clues, both those that predated my interest (apparently there was some Alias related stuff on the web), to those I've only paid peripheral attention to (LOST), to the mother of them all (Cloverfield), the first question I have to ask is while these are all Bad Robot productions, is JJ Abrams really responsible for any of these campaigns or are they really just the products of the respective marketing divisions of the various parent studios (Paramount) and networks (ABC)? And if that is the case (and I think it is), are longtime aficionados in for a real treat as FOX's edgy marketing department takes "viral" to the next level?

What do you think? Will the marriage between JJ Abrams and Fox redefine viral marketing?


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