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FOX's Fringe Set To Film In NYC?

      Email Post       5/14/2008 11:51:00 AM      

The question has been asked. Where will Fringe be shot? Back to Toronto? LA? Boston? Well, the NY Post thinks they know.

Nobody's discussing new series locating here until this week's upfronts are over. Except me. Me, I'm discussing Warners' investigative job "Fringe." Originally set for cheapo Toronto, thanks to those NYC incentives, it'll shoot here. All over here. Four main roles - an FBI type, a female, a wacko scientist and his son. It's Emmy-winning J.J. Abrams' fourth TV show. He also did "Mission: Impossible III," so he does these big-time off-the-wall type things. This is sci-fi mixed with mythology mixed with cop stuff mixed with a mad scientist. We're talking Frankenstein meets Einstein meets Law & Disorder. -- Cindy Adams, New York Post
Perhaps it's just me, but while the report may in fact be accurate, something about it leaves me doubting.

Edit: Confirmation. Fringe is going to be be shot in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Wow..I am so excited, I will be on vacation in NYC late July. I am such a big fan of Joshua Jackson, any chance they will still be shooting then?

Edward said...

Still shooting in late July? Granted, I can only search the internet for clues as to when TV series typically begin shooting, but what I did find (a blurb on LOST) suggests that they start shooting in the August timeframe and I imagine they work straight through to the holidays. Assuming that guess is in the right neighborhood, there's a really good chance they'll be hard at work on the streets of NYC come late July. If that's where you're planning on being, I'd say it's definitely worth researching as the date draws near. And if you do manage to catch them shooting, be sure to send us a report and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I will definitely be keeping that in mind, I don't want to pass up a chance to catch sight of Josh (and the others) in action and I'll certainly share any interesting snippets/pics with you.

Edward said...

Lorna: I can't stress enough how awesome it would be to have a first hand account.

Page48 said...

At the very least, "Fringe" is JJ's sixth TV show, not his 4th.

"Felicity", "Alias", "Lost", "Six Degrees", "What About Brian".

The fact that SD and WAB sucked hard doesn't mean they don't show up on JJ's resume. Gotta take the good with the truly dreadful.

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