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Another Positive Review of the Fringe Pilot Script

      Email Post       5/13/2008 07:56:00 PM      

This one is pretty much spoiler free, and rather positive, and by a screenwriter (i.e. argument from authority). Jill Golick says of the Fringe script titled simply "Pilot":

There are a number of things that struck me about the script. It’s incredibly well written and tells an exciting story that you don’t want to put down. Abrams uses lots of “fucks” and “shits” in his direction (not in dialogue). It’s quite effective. The writing is casual and he pauses to set up things that will become part of the series format; the way lettering will appear on the screen, how montages will work, etc. more.
Regarding the many reviews of the script, a source tells us that script is an early version and has since seen a lot of changes. So, it's safe to say the show will be even better than the glowingest script reviews (and some of them really glowed).


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