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So There IS A Viral Marketing Campaign On For Fringe

      Email Post       5/21/2008 03:00:00 PM      

Yesterday we posited that if there was a viral marketing campaign for Fringe then chances are it was already underway and the fans just hadn't found it yet. Today, Future on Fox leaves little doubt that our guess was on the money with this response to NY Mag's question, "Hey J.J. Abrams, Where's the Viral-Marketing Campaign for ‘Fringe’?":

Hey, NY Magazine
You haven't looked hard enough. -- Future on Fox
If that's not an invitation to play, I don't know what is. Now, where to look?


Anonymous said...

so, where do we start?

Edward said...

I'd say the posters. As for how to decipher them? No idea.

However, an example might be how this image lead to the discovery of the Cloverfield viral website, tidowave. That one, while simple in retrospect, had fans baffled for over a week.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sheesh, its been up for a month... Kinda surprised you all haven't found it yet...

Anonymous said...

Well Anon, at least you found us. Of course it has been around for a while. The problem isn't that we didn't know about holomove, the problem is that there's no clear link between it and Fringe. Now aside from Future on Fox's vague allusions, perhaps you know of one? Or is it the case that you're anonymous for a reason (i.e. you're not really ready to go out on that limb)?

Anonymous said... maybe... It has the google urchin tracker like the other viral sites for cloverfield. Probally not in-game though.

ProgGrrl said...
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TJ said...

This may have already been debunked (sorry I'm coming late to this one), but has anyone tried

It's kind of old (was originally thought to be tied to a Cloverfield sequel) but if you do a select all and click on the random white spaces around the site you get some potentially interesting stuff.


blkrose said...

going on the last post here, has any of you gone to

tallone said...

tried the numbers again and said follow the white spcaes

tallone said...

oops typo..spaces

tallone said...

things are happening for's the latest

Holomov and Nathan are connected..try the IP address..I haven't yet.

tallone said...

IP address:

Went to U trace it's New York City

Anonymous said...

i heard that jj abrams was talking about aladygma by the comic con.

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