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Fringe Pilot (not the script) Reviewed, And Reviewed Again

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Televisionary, who reviewed FOX's "Fringe" Pilot Script, has now posted a review of the actual Pilot as well. It's a long and detailed review and a bit spoilerish, so beware. For those who want to avoid any spoilers, the opening two paragraphs of the review pretty much say it all anyway:

Every once in a while a pilot comes along that is so perfect, such a shining indication of what the final series will be, so perfectly cast and directed, that it's impossible to look away.

That pilot, ladies and gentlemen, is definitely FOX's phenomenal science-tinged drama Fringe. more.
But Televisionary's isn't the only review out there. As I mentioned yesterday in the forum, Nick's Pix also claims to have seen the Pilot and his review is less enthusiastic:

I expected more from FRINGE (**1/2), the latest big-budget TV series from LOST and ALIAS mastermind J.J. Abrams, who developed the series and wrote the pilot script with TRANSFORMERS writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman for FOX. Directed by TV vet Alex Graves (THE NINE, WEST WING, SPORTS NIGHT, JOURNEYMAN), this extended episode (82 minutes) felt less like a true pilot and more of a middle-of-the-season-episode. more.
Those two reviews don't exactly agree, but there's still something to be gleaned from both: a) you're going to need to watch/judge for yourself; and b) don't be surprised if you end up loving it or hating it.

Edit: The Futon Critic also has a review of the Pilot up today as well. Read it here.


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