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Fringe 512/513 Preview: "Liberty" & "An Enemy Of Fate"

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Here is the preview from the end of "The Boy Must Live" for the Fringe 2-part SERIES FINALE episode "Liberty" & "An Enemy Of Fate", which airs ONE HOUR EARLY on FRIDAY, January 18th at 8:00PM on FOX.

Screenshots from this preview can be viewed at


Karen said...

LINCOLN!!!! YAY!! :)

1 said...

REDVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG i just had a nergasm

milostanfield said...

Redverse to the rescue!?? OMG! I'm still laughing and shaking at the same time. I had totally given up on ever seeing them again. This is better than a $10K tax refund!

Unknown said...

REDVERSE:D I cheering:D

Unknown said...

Oh no did I see Broyles 0.17 sec :-(

Lccf said...

Fauxlivia and Lincoln ! YOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! Thank you, writers !!!( By the way, why are they still young ? Did Olive go back in time, or is the Other Side's medical technology THAT good ? )
Oh s*** ... is Broyles dying ????

milostanfield said...

Lccf - check out the images. 21/42 shows a closeup of Linc, who appears to have grey hair. Red Olivia looks subtly different as well. So assuming we're seeing 2036 in the RedVerse, they are 10 years older than P & O were in 2026.

Next question, assuming a RedVerse 2036, is were they invaded too? Looks not to me.

Linc & red Olivia may be married with children, meaning Olivia will see a glimpse of the life she and Peter could have had.

Still looking for Broyles.

Lccf said...

@milostanfield :
Broyles is lying on the ground at 0:17. ( It's really quick, but it's definitely him, he's got the same cap as in "Letters of transit"'s final scene ). His eyes are still open, but it looks bad.

Zepp said...

It's a demo with images in very rapid sequences. He called me a lot of attention to something that might be a kind of meeting, friendly, between Fauxlivia and Olivia, maybe Redverse, I do not know. What was already complicated, so now I can not, understand anything in Fringe. But I still firmly investing on the emotions and ideas of Wyman. Also because I have no other way that is more plausible. Yes, Fringe is in the end. I hope that what we're watching for in the two sets of final episodes, it's the end of a stage in the saga of Fringe, and not the end of the "thinking", or a final end of the "idea" Fringe.

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