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Fringe:Discuss:What Would You Like To See In Season 5?

      Email Post       5/30/2012 09:20:00 AM      

If I 'heard' Joel Wyman, Jeff Pinkner, and Akiva Goldsman, the three executive producers who wrote both parts of the Season 4 finale, "Brave New World" correctly, 09 21 12 will likely be the date of the Season 5 premiere.

This has not been posted anywhere(yet) but since this just happened to be the 6 digit code Simon used to get into the old Massive Dynamic building, and knowing a bit about the J/J/A style, I'd bet my lunch on it!

Which brings to mind all the possibilities of the upcoming last season of this incredible series, and brings us to this week's Fringe:Discuss question:

Q:What would you like to see in Season 5?

I know many of you reading this are doing you own series rewatches, which is great.
As you answer this week's question, think about the unanswered questions and scenarios that still linger from the previous four seasons.
Also, think about the characters and the actors who play them. Perhaps there's a certain celeb you'd like to see in the series as a good or bad guy or gal?

Post your comments below.
And remember not to post any spoilers here, especially that one speculative casting spoiler that's out there. If you want to know about that click on the "Fringe Spoilers" tab at the top of the page.

 I will do my very best to get this list to Fringe showrunners Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner. It's unlikely, but wouldn't it be great if we got some feedback on this from them?


cortexifan said...

- who is Olivia's uncle and why does he have green, green, green, red on his kayak?
- who is Olivia's father?
-who is Rachel really? I don't believe she is Olivia's sister.
-why was there a fire in the lab and what happened to Carla Warren.
-why did Jones call Olivia "my girl"?
-Olivia's mom
-Nina's connection to Olivia and why was she so protective of her in S1.
-why did Walter think the rogue Observer in 1.04 The Arrival looked familiar.
-who was the child from 1.15 Inner Child
-why did John Scott try to kill Olivia and then deny it?
-what is green, green, green, red?
Does Olivia remember meeting Peter as a child?

fringeobsessed said...

Nice list.
"-who is Rachel really? I don't believe she is Olivia's sister."

So you want to see more of the foreshadowing in "Brown Betty" come to fruition? :)

cortexifan said...

yep. One of my fav episodes.
I'm sure there is more I want to know but can't think right now, will have to add later.

Al Seq said...

i will like to see Coronel Raymond Gordon from the season 2 episode "Fracture" when he was clearly on the right track about the observers, quote

"They told you I was crazy, didn't they? The Pentagon. They said I'd had a psychiatric break. I told them what I'm telling you. That they are here. Collecting data. Making observations. That's what's in the briefcase. They've been planning for war. And they've been passing the information via courier right under our noses"

now that the war is uppon us it will be great that the fringe team contact him!

Alissa said...

@cortexifan, I echo most of your questions (especially the ones about Olivia's family and John Scott) but would add a few...
Why don't P and O remember meeting as children?
Why does Charlie seem to not exist in either universe now?
Where is Sam Weiss?
What's going on between Nina and Broyles? And what WAS going on with Nina and Bell?

fringeobsessed said...

Al Seq,
Nicely put. I thought of Colonel Gordon immediately when we heard what "Letters Of Transit" was about. Yes, I would not be surprised to see him again in some capacity.
Don't you wonder if he would still be shady even working on the same team as the Fringe Division?

Joel & Jeff told us in a previous conference call we would not see Sam Weiss again, that the character served his purpose. Sorry about that.

Briar said...

I hated Colonel Gordon. He was a war criminal, though perhaps not mad, as Anders Breivik is not mad. I really, really do not want the Colonel Gordon version of the world to be what Fringe goes out on. Mostly I will take what I am given when I like a show, but paranoia, xenophobia and terrorism are not my thing.

Anonymous said...

actually i would like to see olivia's father, the mini observer from season 1, how sam and nina met, what happened to olive by belly, to see eddy and who raised etta...:D

Zepp said...

Well, we still have - and thankfully - over 13 episodes of Fringe ahead. Fringe show has always been characterized as a series with many questions and few answers, I've gotten used to and is good for my imagination, is a good mental exercise. Therefore, in this last season, I think writers should prioritize the scenes with more action, with much movement of the characters, places geographically distant, many special effects, with spatial conceptions virtual in computer. That is, I hope Fringe, this 5th next season, give priority to the visual detriment to the narrative. I want now, is a Fringe more "Hi-Tec."

Surun Tunne said...

observer kid!!!

LiamFringeFan said...

I want to find out, who was the man that was inside the blimp in the season 3 cartoon episode, and why did olivia say "This is the man who is going to kill me" ????

aljaz said...

How did William Bell "see the history repeat itself enough times to know the war is coming"? (Momentum deferred).

I suspect he has kind of find a way to be like an observer, meaning - out of time and universe. It could explain the bell and disappearing in the end and also the symbols that immobilized observer.

maryslyrics said...

My vote goes for the observer child and who is Mr. X

Unknown said...

I would like the following answers: 1, to John Scott's question: Ask why Broyles sent you?

Who was the Rogue Observer?
What was the fate of the "Observer Child?"
Was the original "pattern" in season one the same plan that Bell had in season four that seemed to explain it? Or since Walter was not in his God hating mode, was something else going on? This one may be impossible to answer with the new timeline.

SissySiri said...

Since it seems we really are going to 2036 in Season 5, I don’t want to go back in time too much; I would rather go forward. However I don’t want to lose sight of the original story which led to the resilience of the characters. The way that Season 4 ended shows that the writers are not averse to a happy ending. I don’t need or want answers to obscure events and/or questions, its ancient history IMO. I would like to see Olivia the same age as Peter, and have that question answered as to why she was not in the amber and how they were separated from their daughter, if the story of 2036 picks up where it left off. I would like to see Simon as part of the mix. I would also enjoy knowing, if not seeing the Alternate Universe, to know that everyone on that side is well and that after a rain, occasionally rainbows appear in their skies.

I hope that the Series Finale is not shocking, depressing, death and destruction. I’m sure this sound sentimental, well, yes it is. This is what I want, not necessarily what I am going to get . . .

From the beginning Fringe has been about a father, a son, two predestined lovers, co-workers, one friendly Observer and a cow. Let’s face it; it has been about a pseudo family unit, which is why I don’t think my wishes are totally outrageous.

CrystalRose said...

I'd want to see Olivia and Peter visit the other side again. I'm sure Peter must miss his mother. As for Olivia, the cab driver, Henry, was so nice to her. She should pay him a little visit. And I want to see both worlds working together in peace. Plus, what has happened to Rachel, Olivia's sister? I want to see her again, too, along with Ella.Plus, I wish the producers of FRINGE would do a little explaining about the episode of "The Day We Died". When peter went into the machine into the year 2021, I think it was. There's just something that I don't understand about what happened in that time, compared to what is suppose to be happening even later on in 2036, I think. And, I want to see Lincoln Lee and Fauxlivia again,... before the show is REALLY OVER!!

Unknown said...

What I would like to see is another 4 seasons!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the following addressed in Season 5.

- What is the significance of Hybrasil
- Are we to see the Ultimate End and Beginning of The Pattern
- What is the difference between The Machine that Walter builds in the restored Timeline as opposed to The Machine from the corrupted Timeline.

Anonymous said...

What about the First Ones?
Their Genesis, what became of them?
Descendants? More tie ins to Sam Weiss
Was he just an insightful human or more so?
More about who wrote the book(s) on them.
The Wonderer

scottishverse said...

id like to see two flashback episodes one of robert bishof and the young walter and how he gets interested in science and also a far out epsidoe set in the 60's with walter and bell in the lab showing the birth of the ideas we are not watching

scottishverse said...

should have been now watching sorry! and loving watching roll on S5

PSYCHoholic said...

I would like to see more of the observer child and why the green-green-green-red.

Fraggle said...

I would really love to see an episode from Septembers point of view. What is his "timeline"? How much time did he actually spent observing the past and the future events. I bet for him it took only a few days to observe all the events from the last 4 seasons and maybe his appearance in the past hundreds of years for him take place in "his" future. Do you understand what I want to say?

I wanna see, when and in which order all the events take place for him.

Anonymous said...

Joshua Jackson getting something to do so people will STOP IGNORING him.

Anonymous said...

I want what Steve Stylianou above said...I want another 4 seasons too!!!

Steiko said...

Whatever, I just want to see it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will we get to see Etta's birth? (I HOPE, I HOPE, I HOPE!)

Jesii28 said...

As shallow as it may seem and as someone's reply to Joel on twitter:
"Peter and baby Etta, perhaps in a peacoat!!"
Also I definitely would like to see Lincoln and Fauxlivia. I was absolutely devastated when they closed the bridge AND LINCOLN LEFT FOR THE OTHER SIDE!! (You can imagine how I felt when I found out that Seth Gabel wasn't returning as a regular)
As for other plots- I honestly don't care--I have plenty of trust in the producers and writers to come up with something mind-blowing (again) for the final season. It just had better not finish off with them being ambered. haha

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more Georgina Haig as Etta Bishop. She was fantastic in Letters of Transit.

I'd like to see more September. I hope he fights against the other observers.

I don't want distractions from the other universe, I hope they focus entirely and exclusively on the characters and action over here.

I don't want to see Lincoln ever again. Please.

I'd like to see Simon Foster again.

SissySiri said...

Jesii28 – Finally, someone else who likes Lincoln Lee (both versions). I agree with everything you wrote.

ChigChampa said...

The entire Mr. X thing was a huge freaking cop out.

All I want is a PROPER IN-SHOW REVEAL of who he is and what he's about.

Lccf said...

- September becoming a regular, maybe even joining the Fringe Division.
- Nina Sharp flashbacks, and/or a Nina-Bell scene ( these two were never on-screen together, except in "Brown Betty", and it doesn't count ! )
- a rainbow on the other side
Any of those would make me happy.

Anonymous said...

Olivia alive in the end!!!!

SissySiri said...

Why do shows have to be about death at the end? Jeeezzzz. Is this some mandatory rule in the industry playbook? I personally do not know anyone who is happy about a hero or main character dying, enough of that goes on in real life; we watch these shows to escape reality for an hour or two. And yes I know death is a part of real life – I’m just saying. . . . .
I would like to see:
• Not to be bogged down with stuff that happened in the past. It’s only 13 episodes to the end.
• Olivia, Peter, Walter, Etta, Nina, Simon, Astrid, Broyles and September breathing at “#13 - fade to black.”
• No horrible Lost type ending.
• At least a glimpse of the Alternate Universe.
• Or even better, the Alternate Universe helping Our Universe somehow.
• Our team pummel those bald headed, pasty white, fedora wearing Observers into the next galaxy!

Anonymous said...

you want to show more of peter's past. Explane !!!! lol

Mallory said...

they should just really get more seasons on a different network lol or if not at least have olivia have the baby!

Anonymous said...

What would be really cool is if for the Glyphs for Season 5, they had the Observer Alphabet instead! I'd love to write in the Observer's 'code', and since Season 5 is supposed to largely take place in that future...


Christine said...

- I would very much like a definitive answer on what the significance of Red/Blue/Yellow/Green is. Obviously we know what Red/Blue are, and I can guess that yellow is the new timeline, with green maybe being the future? Or representative of the Observers? I want to know this significance.

- Do the glyphs mean anything more than just giving us the codes each episode?

- Red, Red, Red, Green

- Would like to know if all the lens flares have any significance.

- Observer child (was he young September?!)

- I would like to know more about the original uncorrupted timeline (in which Walter originally made the machine, and sent it back in time)

- Significance of Hybrasil

- Rogue Observer/The Beacon

- Would like to know if the Pattern has a wider significance past season 1 (I think it does, and may have something to do with the mystery of the show)

- Would like a reveal on who The Man Behind The Curtain is (the "narrator", so to speak)

- Please, please, please, please, I would give all the Redvines in all of the universes NOT to see any of the following happen: Any of our principles die (permanently); Olivia got lost in her mind like Walter warned her when she originally got in the tank in S1E1; Having it all be someone's dream/purgatory/anything resembling LOST; or having no big mystery going on in the background at all and everything happening exactly as it was presented.

SissySiri said...

Like they say, when traveling forward do you look in the rear view mirror or the windshield? I am sure the writers will refer to events in the past to move the story along but IMO I cannot see how they are going to answer all our questions, unless Season 5 is turned into a weekly tutorial.

Zepp said...

Ah! I was almost forgetting ... I'm reading some rumors out there ... Therefore, my dear showrunners and writers of Fringe, please do not "kill" Olivia, in this next 5S. In the 13th episode, as it will be the last, we have to see the entire core team of Fringe together, very much alive and well. For me, Olivia is the hero of Fringe, Peter the "key to everything" and Walter is the genius of these implacable universes, none of these can "die". Repeating: "Do not Kill Olivia ... please!"

milostanfield said...


Anonymous said...

These are questions that might be explained on next season:
- Olivia's death and Mr X.
- William Bell's motivations
- The future timeline and its link with the past (or maybe should I say "present"?)

These are questions that might not be answered next season:
- Mini observer: was he going to fill August's place after his death?)
- Alternate Nina: I want everything about her motivations and past
- Why did Sam Weiss know so much about the first people? And why shouldn't we trust him? He also is the author of many weird quotes that remain unexplained (he's taller and older than he looks? c'mon mr producers, get Sam Weiss to the set to explain us that
- The machine: after 2 seasons, we came to know nothing about the machine besides that it can destruct or create (multiversal bridges and universes). Why did the Fringe team construct it and send it to the past? What's its ultimate purpose? Why did Peter dissapear after joining both universes (don't tell me the observers found that it would be the good timing to erase him after the machine activation).
- Is Nina the mother of someone (Peter)? I want to know why Walter was with so many womans in his past.

Finally, I would like the series ending to explain what the whole basis of the drama is. I want to see someone explaining what the multiverse really is. Maybe a narrator, maybe an observer or even Walter. I would like a series finale telling us: "Well, you see... The story we are telling you was the one you saw on the previous seasons, but there are many similar and completely different stories happening right now". I think that would be a terrific series ending. Since that is the whole phylosophy of the series: don't close your mind just to this series, there is another universe where this might be really happening, or there must be another universe where Olivia might end up married with the cow.

fringeobsessed said...

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this lovely S5 wishlist so far. There are alot of great things here.
Let me add a couple of my own(some have already been mentioned):

1)When John Scott said to Liv in the pilot as he died,"Ask yourself why Broyles picked you..." is it because of her Cortexiphan background? How did Broyles know of that before he even met her?
Will you explain this in S5?

2)I want to know if the group Broyles is addressing at the beginning of 102 is the "Northwoods Group" George Morales mentioned to Liv in "The Dreamscape." Who was in the former "Fringe Team" and what happened that they were unsuccessful? Will you tell us?

3)I think we all would like to know more about "The Rogue," John Mosley in 104, who got away.

4)Could you bring in some cool guest stars? I don't know why but I think it would be very fun to have Bill Nye The Science Guy as a baddie scientist.

5)One of my favorite Fringe segments is when we learn about Walter's father in "A Bishop Revival." Could you bring back the Nazi guy with the designer virus and explain how HE is still alive, not aging, and traveling through time? Did he steal one of the Observers instruments?

6)Speaking of traveling through time, how is Bell doing that? There are interesting parallels between Alistair Peck, Dr. Bell, the Nazi Guy, and The Observers.

7) And as mentioned above, please, PLEASE have Kirk Acevedo make at least 1 appearance in the last 13 episodes!

And to Zepp,
I have to be honest with you,initially, it makes sense that Liv has to die by the end of the series. Think about it. Peck's Arlette died, and September told our Liv she had to.

But, if the show follows the "Groundhog Day"(movie)/"White Tulip"/"The Firefly" schema, something will change when we finally get there,
and I can't wait to see what that is!

Anonymous said...

Ah Man if Olivia dies again I'm so done with this dam show . Also crashing the bridge between worlds was weak , it was kool having them all play 2 charchters . As for season 5 just dont kill Olivia or Fringe can be erased from my timeline, seriously it's like here love these charchters then bam DEAD. I love the quick switch of facts in this show nothing is ever what it seems, like this is this then BAM new timeline or new universe everything you know is whack, here we go again lol. I don't care how you shake the Boggleverse of Fringe, just don't kill any of the people I love about it, oh by all means screw with them of course but easy on the itchy trigger finger.
Cliff from Canada

Angela said...

okay here we go :

1. i want to see more of that little observer boy from Inner Child

2.Where is charlie, or really Scarlie?!!? we miss him!!

3.we need more great guest stars, Robin Williams for one, he will definitely say yes! maybe more ppl from scifi genres. perhaps william shatner! it can be like a star trek reunion! lol

4.i early really really really don't want this show to do the typical american endings where the 'hero' always has to die. i do not want to have watched this amazing show all these years only for it to pull a prison break ending. the 'hero' doesn't always have to die! ......and by 'hero' i mean olivia of course...


6.some sort of glimpse of a pregnant olivia? please? a flashback? a video? or even if its only as little as a photograph??? pretty please?

7.i would really love to see olivia use her pyrokenesis. she hasn't used that since she was 7-8 years old?

8.gene of course!

okay thats all i can think of at the moment. can't wait for season 5!!

SissySiri said...

It is great to see all these differing opinions and suggestions. And I realize these are WISH LISTS, but there are only 13 episodes left, after commercial subtraction, leaves approximately 42 minutes per episode, which leaves 546 minutes to wrap Fringe up, done, finito! I hope they can answer some of the questions, time will tell.
-Agree that all of the team has to live at the end, especially Olivia and Peter.
-I agree with Anonymous, if Olivia dies, I’m done with the show.
-Because of the Lost ending I have never even looked at anything to do with that show. I loved that show and never missed an episode, which proves to me anyway, that endings are VERY important.
-Cows live approximately 20 years, so in 2036 we would see Gene’s grandcow.
-IMO – Please no Robin Williams as a guest star, NO, NO, NO, NO. I know he plays all sorts of characters, but IMO he is not a good fit for Fringe.

Mallory said...

@ fringe obsessed, lol bill nye the science guy would be hilarious, they should do a parody for one episode with him in it, ha i could see the whole cast doing that especially walter!

Zepp said...


this time, I do not agree with you. Olivia can not die! Even if the logic of the story leads us to this: referring to what the observer (September) said for it; the two shots to the head she suffered on two occasions at different times; the car accident when she went flying through the glass windshield in S2 and the non-appearance of it, in episode 419 ... She even had her pompous funeral in the future! Anyway, in this next 5S, she, the Agent Olivia Dunham can not die, or at least should not die, no way or chance. I refer to it, speaking on the logic, because in the universes of Fringe, the illogical is that it is the logical, so Olivia must not die!. Oh man, we must see the 13th episode, the end of it, our three heroes (Olivia, Peter and Walter) "super" alive and together, huh?

Another suggestion, mine: if there is a possibility, I wanted to be invited especially to participate in one or a few episodes of this season finale of Fringe, the consecrated actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

SissySiri said...

Thankfully we are all able to have our own opinions on a civilized site. I would not want to see the X-Files actors on Fringe; it would take away the legitimacy and integrity of the show for me. Plus in 2036 if they did join the show it would have to be as perhaps Olivia’s great-grandparents?

Lccf said...

@SissySiri :
as a matter of fact, Duchovny and Anderson DID appear on Fringe : an X Files episode was playing on a TV in the season 2 opener, when we first see a shapeshifter "do its thing"
and how come they would take away any "legiticamy" from the show ? IMO, X Files was a genuinely good show before it lost its way ...
( and that little scene I just mentioned seems to indicate Fringe writers also think so )

Lccf said...

sorry, "legitimacy"

simon said...

Fully agree about the 'observer child', although later revelations may have made the kid a red herring. I'm most interested in how Bell knew about the 'stasis runes' and to what degree he has been orchestrating things all along.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so worried about Olivia dying when Peter, Walter, astrid, broyles are just as capable of dying? Olivia is not the only character whether you love her or not. Sure she wasn't in letters of transit but Peter didn't exist and he was gone for a good 4 episodes. So yeah, stop whining about Olivia as if she's the only one who matters. SHE ISN'T!!!!

SissySiri said...

Lccf . . .

Maybe legitimacy was too strong a word, I should have just said their appearance on the show would not make ME happy. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy tiptoed across a TV screen, but it is highly unlikely they will guest star.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see an episode through the eyes of September in the order he experienced things. Also, since he bounces through time, I have to wonder if he is the Observer Child that the Fringe Team saved.

SissySiri said...

Simon . . .
I think you are on to something, so Bell could be The Wizard of Oz? That would be an interesting ending to the show.

Unknown said...

Does anybody know the name of the song from the Fringe commercial on Science Channel? The lyrics are something like, "Can't put my finger on just what's in store, seems everything happening has happened before," or something similar. I've googled and come up empty.

Unknown said...

If anybody else cares, that song is a remake of Chim Chim Cheree, by Turin Brakes.

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