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‘Fringe’ Sells In Off-Network Syndication To Science Channel

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‘Fringe’ Sells In Off-Network Syndication To Science Channel

Wednesday May 23, 2012 @ 8:34pm PDT

 A month after securing a 13-episode fifth and final season renewal from Fox, modestly rated sci-fi drama Fringe has been sold in off-network syndication to Discovery Communications’ Science Channel. The pact between Fringe producer/distributor Warner Bros and Science includes a SVOD carveout, allowing Warner Bros to sell the series to a streaming service where serialized dramas do far better than in traditional off-network syndication.

See the entire deadline.com article here.


cortexifan said...

Yes! Well deserved. This is by far the hardest working cast I've seen in a long time. Everyone delivered top notch quality performance every week and now it pays off. I don't have the science channel in my cable packet but will try to figure out how to get it. Fringe Rocks and I will continue to support it where ever it goes!

Mallory said...

I'm a little confused,so what exactly does this mean? sounds like good news lol

cortexifan said...

That means that by showing re-runs, the cast gets paid as long as Fringe is on the air on what ever channel.

Mallory said...

oh thats awesome! I think the writers should take their show to another channel though and continue seasons, idk if that is possible, but it should be. fox just doesnt do them justice in my opinion.

Mosaic_Hyde said...

Fringe is in good company along with Firefly. Fringe found a good home. We'll have to nickname the Science channel the Fringe Science channel.

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