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FRINGE - Preview #1 from "Brave New World: Part 1"

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FRINGE - Preview #1 from "Brave New World: Part 1"

Here is the first of 3 previews from the first part of the Season 4 finale, titled, "Brave New World: Part I."


Moasey said...

Ahhhh..."a nursery?"

Hello Henrietta!!!

Christoph said...

this is the worst clip i have seen to date...
1 - It was not long enough
2 - they were interrupted by the phones
3 - see above...

Fringe Lover said...

WOW I just cried during the preview, what is going to happen tomorrow night?????

Christoph said...

@Fringe Lover

Clearly something horrible will happen...they never add these beautiful, human and (for the characters) normal things without having a lead into something so disturbing and destructive that it might drive them apart...look at what happened when Olivia and Peter declared love for each other...peter hunting = universe collapse...just saying hahahaha

LittleWing said... does a male interpret this scene? Do you think she's saying that she'd like to have kids or do you think she's saying that she's pregnant?

Cause I'm thinking she's telling him she's pregnant and it's hard to imagine that they would let that moment be interrupted by anything, so I am thinking that Peter must not get what she's trying to tell him.

Is it Friday, yet?

fringeobsessed said...

You are absolutely right!
An apocalypse must be coming!

aydee said...

@LittleWing - I think you may be right in your interpretation. She said "Nursery" awfully quick. And I'm a female :)

Jeffrey Thiele said...

@LittleWing. Based on the info we have I think you have to be right. In Letters of Transit, Etta says she hasn't seen her parents since she was 4. Peter and the gang was ambered in 2016. 2016 - 4 = 2012. I'm thinking she's pregnant.

milostanfield said...

When the phones rang (YET AGAIN!) I almost jerked my laptop outa my lap in frustration. My fantasy perfect series ending has them in this same scene, only they both turn to their night tables, turn OFF their phones, and turn back to each other. Fade to credits.

I fear the cliffhanger will be Olivia dying. But remember this IS sci-fi, where death is only an interim plot point. We'll just have all summer to simmer over it. Get ready.

LittleWing said...

Thanks for the responses aydee and Jeffery Thiele, but do you think PETER get's that. To me it's obvious, but Peter (despite being a genius) can be slow sometimes. I am definitely wanting a little more euphoria at the news.

Can't wait to find out!

Fringe Lover said...

hmmm I didn't catch that she was telling Peter she was pregnant, but now that I read the comments I think so!! and yes Christoph... I agree!! I think I'm going to need 2 or 3 boxes of tissues tonight!! ;)

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