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Fringe Episode 422: "Brave New World, Part 2" SEASON FINALE!

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Happy Fringe Season Four Finale Friday!

In the climactic conclusion of the Season Four finale, the Fringe team is pushed to their breaking point as they desperately attempt to prevent a catastrophic event that threatens the lives of everyone.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "Brave New World, Part 2"?


fringeobsessed said...

Michael Cerveris will be live tweeting also tonight.

Mike said...

Just finished watching it, AMAZING ending to this season!!!

Jamesadams1988 said...

Fringe week after week continues to show why its the best show on television. If we didnt have the episode from the future or the warning of the observer and Bell had been shot instead, this could have been one of the greatest show endings ever.

Willaim Bell must play a major role in s5, so many questions from this episode, how did Bell become aware of the observers if peter had died at the lake in his timeline. How did he learn of the tech to not only trap observers but kill them. Could Bell have gone into the far far distant future and stolen observer tech like he did to the red universe and their tech? Can't wait for the true PURGE in S5.

In true Fringe fashion, "So many possibilities..."

cortexifan said...

Oh my freaking Awesomeness!
Best Season Finale ever!!!!!
I'm so glad it's coming back.

Sam Weiss said...

40% downloading now... cant wait to watch... (",)

wetcat said...

a solid episode that felt like the entire series was concluding, but really? Olivia's reward is to be normal? oh yay, you saved the universe with your superpowers and now you get to go bounce a baby in suburbia?! bet she'll be wanting telekinesis back with a little kid around: it's moms who need the help more than anyone!
I wasn't expecting to be disappointed, but the lack of timeline restoration doesn't sit well with me. I don't like not knowing what happened in the past or that the first 3 seasons almost didn't matter except that Peter and Olivia love each other. well, woohoo. that's a really convenient way to leave all the plotlines unresolved. they do need to address the "first people" or a major ball (sam weiss's bowling ball) will have been dropped. the machine still exists, so answers would be nice. healing the alt-universe would be good to put on the to-do list. the evil observers can be defeated in a few episodes, thirteen do NOT need to be devoted to them.
I suspect we'll start the 5th season 4 years in the future. again, pretty convenient way to gloss over. I want to hope for the best, but maybe the show really was due to end. I'm finding it hard to connect when all of my memories never happened... very detached where I was once invested.

Sam Weiss said...

great finale.. THEY are coming!!! the OBSERVERS clan... "invinsible people from the future.. possibly dosed with alot of cortexiphan" that can regenerate their body even with a gunshot.. just like september.. hahaha.. Season 5 will be definitely goin to be great. henrietta getting born and walter getting back part of his brain.. crazy tv show EVER.. (",) I hope Cortexiphan does exist is this TIMELINE..

Ron said...

Next season plot: Walter, Peter and Astrid for whatever reason got stuck in the amber but not Olivia.
So after Etta saved them from the amber they go find Olivia.
When they finally found her, Peter has to face a siliconed and lifted Olivia in her late 50s.
Seeing that, Peter is like: "omg, after 4 seasons, trying to date the real Olivia, screwing Fauxlivia by mistake, founding an Olivia from another timeline which didn't recognize me, I thought I finally found the real one and now she's almost my grandma! WTF !!!
Peter go crazy and ends up in St Claire.

The end

keith said...

So I think I get it fringe. Thanks for that paradox mind f@#% with bells universe and all... Hmmmm.

Dr. ARM said...

@wetcat "I'm finding it hard to connect when all of my memories never happened... very detached where I was once invested." I actually cannot believe one can get to attached to a TV show character or plot line. The change in the past, the different versions of the same characters ARE the core of this show. In a certain sense, the plots itself are a way to convey this. Of course there is an important love story. Of course there is an important father-son relationship. And there are villains, monsters, and so on. But at the end Fringe is a reflection on the different ways characters behave when their personal stories change. And, I admit, I am attached to this. To cite you, I invested in this. Indeed, it would be a little disappointing if season 5 was about only on version of the main characters....

SheHateMeBro said...

There really was no big twist or cliff hanger to tease S5. We already saw the future and it was being fought. I was expecting something grander and really confusing, but this seems like less than what they could have done if actually knew sooner about S5 and could have planned a story line a bit more.

pMaestro said...

I thought the finale was excellent, as has this entire fourth season. There is something really neat and novel about a tv show whose *true* timeline (ie Season 4 aka amberverse) is predicated upon an alternate timeline (ie Seasons 1-3 aka blueverse) in which we how the central plot of the whole show to date (ie William Bell's and Walter Bishop's meglomania) is ultimately thwarted by the anomaly created by the blueverse timeline (ie Peter being saved by September and growing up to adulthood). Unlike most people––and sometimes I think the writers give viewers far more credit for their presumed sophistication than they deserve––I have not felt like the past three seasons were a waste because of the reset timeline but rather a unique use of dramatic irony so that the audience (together with Peter, September, sundry observers, and to some extent Olivia) have a meta-perspective of the world of Fringe.

I thought it was absolutely brilliant of the writers to parallel Olivia's death in this finale with last season's: she not only gets shot each time by Walter (or a version of Walter) but shot in the head the same way. It seems obvious now, but of course it made sense that the September whom Peter and Olivia met in the warehouse is a younger version of the September which Olivia met in the opera house. (Borrowing pages right out from Doctor Who, The Time Traveller's Wife, and other classic time-travel stories.) I *never* thought about the fact that even though September is seen in every episode, September himself is not always ageing chronologically with each episode either. So, when September comes to warn Walter about the imminent arrival of the Observers (as confirmed by the glyphs which spelled PURGE) who knows at which point in September's own timeline this occurs. (Anyone else also notice the parallel reference with Peter when September also said 'They are coming'?)

While most people have griped about how 'Letters of Transit' has robbed the finale of its bite (ie Astrid doesn't die after all and William Bell's reveal wasn't as powerful), I think it was absolutely crucial that 'Letters' aired when it did because the conversation in the last act of the episode makes even more sense NOW after the finale. Walter's justification for not releasing Bell from amber––(to Astrid) "Remember what he did to Olivia?––means so much more now, as does the bullet which Etta carries. AND just because Olivia was not ambered with everyone else did not mean that she will not be alive in the future.

I'm sad that the series is definitively ending next season but I sure as hell can't wait to embark upon the rollicking 13-episode ride. Two thumbs WAAY up!

Zepp said...

I thought, no doubt, excellent, this fantastic episode of the latter end of this 4th season of Fringe. For those who already as I suspected, the enigmatic William Bell finally got the "mask", he was the key to everything that happened in the universes of Fringe. Not a big surprise, but it is a huge finding, is not it? William Bell is the greatest bad guy! He even said to Walter, who wanted to create another universe, completely new, even if he was "playing God", simply to have something like: "a universal perfection from the perspective of William Bell," which is not certainly something super petulant and totally insane. Bell simply wanted to "copy" God, even though apparently a mere agnostic scientist, perhaps to carry out an inherently personal satisfaction, megalomaniac. William Bell really wanted to be a "god", but the maximum he was even able to copy of the "Dr. Moreau ", with her dark ark ship full of creatures and formidable scientific experiments, monstrous lost in stormy ocean, Dantesque, and nothing further. The "Brave New World" by William Bell, did not pass, of a personal desire, a new vision, an unreal designed for his friend Walter Bishop, and presto, it was just there. I see all this as the biggest most important victory of the Fringe team, since it was created. I also see the fantastic consequences arising from nefarious actions of insane megalomaniac (Bell), who wanted to "play God", do or are direct causes of all effects Fringe! I think that's where we can define, more or less everything that has so far happened in these unforgiving universe of Fringe. The previous experiments by Bell and Walter in Jacksonville, I see them as a trigger for everything under the intentions of Bell, who initiated the detonation of all the cascading effects Fringe, which happened in the course, and not only taking action as a cause Walter's desperate, he crossed to the other universe to kidnap "their" son Peter. In summary I see that all evil in Fringe, its causes and harmful consequences occurring to date, are directly linked to the megalomaniacal and insane actions of William Bell.

I must emphasize that this last episode, the actors who were already with their high levels of interpretation, fine, they all just got to go beyond, are fantastic in their performances. And within all this excellent interpretation of them all, I emphasize - it is possible - the stupendous performances, especially these three actors: Leonard Nimoy, the Jasika Nicole and Joshua Jackson. For me one of the best scenes performed in Fringe, this was super emergency rescue of Olivia, who had been shot from Bell, and had to be immediately operated by Walter. This was a scene with a high dose of scenic drama of anguish, of great emotional scope, where the actors were put on a show, and there, the actor Joshua Jackson, was simply masterful, fantastic, I certainly very gratified and thrilled with this his memorable performance in this scene. BRAVO!

Fringe is surprising during their episodes, and especially at the end of each season, and it was, even though now in a more "softer", more "light" in this end of the 4th season. This episode, 4.22, was a close, as if it were done with a "golden key", no doubt. I'm anxious for the 5th season of Fringe!

bunty said...

Awesome ending to a super season ,thanks for bringing another season its gonna be terrific

Anonymous said...

this show is by far the best sci-fi ever. i cant believe they are cancelling it. so many other shows that run for years and they arent half as good as fringe. the high budget is whats killing it, aswell as the low viewer count, but that could easily be fixed, if they didnt air it on a friday nights at 9pm. when no one is watching tv. its a great show none the less. dare i even say one of the best shows on tv at this time. i love the actors. walter expecially, i couldnt think of a better actor to play him and he does such a good job, he makes the show. the others are great aswell of course, every character is interesting you cant help but like them all :) well it was an awesome show while it lasted and will be missed by many devoted fans. I can only say, i wish more people took the time to watch it and I cant wait to watch season 5! the season 4 finally was beyond excellent! 200 thumbs up :D


grateful technoserf said...

A fascinating view of Leonard Nimoy's eschatology, presuming that he chose the name of William Bell's Ark-of-Creation ship in this apocalyptic episode "Build a Better World" -- TALOS.
To Nimoy it is first the name of the "Forbidden Planet" in the original Star Trek pilot/episode-1, whose denizens had the power to project a perfect virtual reality illusion into the minds of humans, even across the galaxy. In the Episode-1 revised story, Spock risked a mandatory death sentence to return there his horribly crippled head-in-a-jar friend Captain Pike, to whom the Talosians offered life in a Perfect Virtual Paradise.
THX for that one, Leonard.

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