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      Email Post       5/16/2012 06:53:00 AM      

Here's a really nice "thank you" video from FOX that appeared on YouTube yesterday.
Members of the Fringe cast thank fans/viewers for their support and role in obtaining a Season 5.


cortexifan said...

No, thank you for an awesome, amazing, exceptional, extraordinary and genius show.
Will continue to support 1000% and will be sad when it's gone.
Thank you FOX and WB.

Fringe Lover said...

Well said cortexifan!! so well said, I'll just say ditto! ;)

anelson254 said...

In love with this show! And Walter!

Burak said...

many thanks to fringe and his team. the perfect one that intelligent beautiful attractive Anna Torv I love you

SheHateMeBro said...

This made me a bit verklempt. Can't wait to see what they have in store come September.. pun intended.

kilikalanikane said...

Well by now we know that Fox picked up the fifth season for 13 more episodes, woo hoo! I watch all of the old seasons every time there's a break and I can watch them over and over again forever. This is absolutely the best writing/casting/directing/producing ever seen on American television. And I should know because I'm an American and I was raised on television. Thank you fox and thank you bad robot.

Glen In kansas said...

From Glen in kansas

For the cast & crew, making it to 5 full seasons is quite impressive and having Leonard Nimoy on board is having the cake and eating it too. I'm of the after market viewers that only buy DVDs & view the seasons, I do not have cable or dish service because I dislike bundled programing. I buy the DVD's when available and the endearments of Dexter. Sorry that my viewership does not affect the decisions of the big boys and you don't get the immidiate credit you all deserve. I'm just finishing off your fourth season. I'm recovering from a very painful surgery so in the last month I have watched all four seasons. Never viewed Fringe before now but there is pronounced charater development that was worked on very hard over the years that you all should get a "Job Well Done" because I will miss you.
Thankyou for the tempory Suspension of Disbelief that I haven't enjoyed since the X-Files, Trust No One & The Truth is Out There, wow thats hard to beat and not that Fringe can be compaired to that because your not leaving any loose ends that would allow for a movie or two. No more cliff hangers, its over and that also has made Fringe more unigue because it does end unless some soul comes up with a way to leave that door ajar like a viewer always hope for.
I will notice all of you in future acting parts or names in the credits. Again Thankyou for being with me through a difficult time and it distracted me from some of the real reality that I was unable to deal with at the time. But in Fringe art does mimic reality, there is a pattern, there are war mongering monsters that call themselves leaders, sociopaths that masqerade as our saviors, tyrants that create false flag events and the real world has a very questionable future as by these contrived events human weakness is to fall into mindless group-think, a place with a real continuity of a diabolical adjenda which none of us will like if the rich elite or international bankers achieve their goals of which has been hidden in the open all along, anthentic Orwellian Distopia. They are kind of like the observers where ultimate power ultimatly corupts. Many more GE Water Boiling Reactors yet to fail and to think we, all of humanity would have done much better with thorium reactors. Many more BP disasters in the gulf allowed without heald accountable along with the Too Big To Be Jailed.
Just being awake to the real world gives such abundant material for other TV series?
Good luck to all of you, question everything like George Carlin always said, don't eat any of the genetically modified foods and what ever you do don't take any more vaccines. Caviet Emptor.
Your not in Kansas anymore, I am
Glen Rubash

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