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FRINGE - Noble Intentions: "Brave New World"

      Email Post       5/18/2012 09:46:00 PM      

In this final Season 4 installment of "Noble Intentions," John Noble discusses Walter's thoughts on Bell's declaration that he is God, and Walter's decision to kill Olivia.


Anonymous said...

I think I laughed out loud when Peter got smacked in the face by Walter. Lol.. Thank god for cortexiphan tho.. :)


TEE said...

Now its time for the observer's to take over and run the world since they destroyed there own future.

Mallory said...

haha fringe lover i laughed and cryed at the same time because olivia was dying and he was crying so hard but when walter smacked him i laughed and cryed, lol i dont know how but it happened. i loved this season, by far the best and i cant wait for season 5! really sad to see the best show ever leave us :(

crol said...

'they are coming'... this is the war zft was talking about! just watched a season 1 episode, the one where nick lane appears, and astrid is reading over the phone the book to peter and olivia. It was a good idea they continued the series, 'cos I was never convinced the other universe was the enemy!!now we will know!!yay

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