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FRINGE: Jasika Nicole on (Possibly) Saying Goodbye to the Alt-World

      Email Post       5/01/2012 09:18:00 AM      

In this video, Jasika Nicole discusses her two characters with GiveMeMyRemote's Marisa Rofman, and how tough it would be to say goodbye to the Alt-Astrid character and the Red Verse..
A must-see interview with Jasika!


MBBennettIV said...

I really love this series and every episode leaves me wanting more.I like to call them.. (our original time line), (our New time line)the alt old time line and the new alt time line. :) and now... the future... too bad September already told us that no matter what future Olivia had to die... I wonder how that will turn out.. I hope the writers figure a way to keep her alive. :) I would love to see a happy family for her Peter and Etta.

Sybil said...

If you lose your memories, your sense of who you are, would that be the "death" he is referring to ?

NickGirdy55 said...

I guess the Snakehead episode never happened because Walter had always been in the lab? Wouldn't he die from not getting fresh air and sunshine?

fringeobsessed said...

The executive producers told us months ago that everything in the first 3 seasons DID happen. It's just that September changed the current scenario by bringing Peter into the current time but into a timeline on the blue side that never had him in it. There's a popular theory that this new "amber" timeline if you will, and the old blue timeline are blending, or "course correcting" as Sam Weiss put it.

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