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Fringe Observiews 4.21 Brave New World Part 1

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Welcome to the Observiews for Season 4 of Fringe. I call them Observiews because they are more visual observations than deep thinking reviews, if that makes sense.

Screen caps from this episode are taken from Dialog is from

All observations are mine and therefore could be totally off the wall and/or wrong. I have not read or looked at any recaps or reviews. I could also have missed a few things, oh well…

1.01 The Pilot
Hm, who could that be?

Attention all citizens. This is a Fringe Alert!
Have you seen this man? Or someone that looks similar to him?
Description: bald, no eyebrows, sometimes wears a fedora and carries a briefcase. Appears out of nowhere and shows up only for a few seconds.

Please report immediately!

Sorry, no reward!

Wouldn't you know?
With a little help and after multiple re-watches he was found.

Glyphs spelled: POWERS
I really hope it’s more of Olivia’s powers because that was cool.

Let’s get some coffee, shall we? The Barista knows what the guy wants. Nice.
The last time we've seen a coffee shop like this was in 3.08 Entrada when Fauxlivia had her last real coffee before she crossed back over to her side. 
I wonder what she’s doing now.

To me this is a scary thought. Everything is done from your mobile device. 
You scan it in and your bill is paid. It sort of feels like: “Big Brother is watching you”. And I don’t want fussing over product placement. It still pays the bill and I for one don’t mind. 

Unfortunately Neil doesn’t have time to enjoy his coffee.
He sort of self-combusts although not like Susan Pratt in 1.19 The Road Not Taken.
She completely went up in flames. And Neil is not the only one as we will find out in a bit.
INFESTED WOMAN: “Don't move. I think when they move, they die. Nobody move!”

Finally! My P/O shipper’s heart jumped to the moon. 
Peter is reading off the Realtor’s page.

Last time someone else was reading the paper. You know I had to bring it up, lol.
In 3.06 6599 kHz Peter brought Fauxlivia breakfast in bed. Olivia’s bed. Grrr. 
Ever since then I was waiting for something similar. 
We did get a bit in 3.20 6:02 AM EST but that wasn’t enough for me. 
Yes, I know. Peter wasn’t there in this new timeline so those two cases didn’t happen this way but humor me, lol.

PETER: “Medford?”
PETER: “Holliston?”
OLIVIA: “Uh, only if I am being punished.”
PETER: “Wayburn?” (that seems to be a road reference only)
OLIVIA: “Only if I'm dead.”
I wish I knew why Olivia’s associates those two places with being punished and dead. And I thought too, as she said that: “don’t say that, argh”.
PETER: “Alright. How about Lexington? Three beds, central heat and air, dog run. Did you know that I had a Lab when I was growing up?”

1.02 The Ghost Network.
WALTER: “How was the old house? How is Rufus?”
I wonder if he was a Lab. Apparently Peter also loved a cocker-spaniel named Yatsko (3.09 Marionette)

OLIVIA: “No, I thought you were allergic.”
PETER: “I was, but Walter made him non-allergenic. (leave it to Walter and his passion for experiments, lol) It's got a working fireplace in the bedroom.”
PETER: “Nursery?”
OLIVIA: “Nursery.”
Absolutely loved the expressions on their faces. 
Does Olivia already know she’s pregnant or is it a guess because later she’s got a glass of wine on the table although it looks like she hadn’t touch it compared to Peter’s glass, or is it wishful thinking for the future? 

But of course in typical Fringe manner – the phones are ringing and bliss is over for a bit.
I thought it was cute how they checked each other’s phones. 

I was reminded back again to 3.20 6:02 AM EST where the moment of bliss was also interrupted. 
And that blanket still looks uncomfortable and scratchy. 

The phone call is about the case and Walter and Astrid are already at the crime scene.
ASTRID: “Walter. You are going to freeze, gawd!”
WALTER: “Why must you always mother hen me? I'm quite capable of looking after myself.”
(Really, Walter?)
ASTRID: “I know, but just humor me. Maybe I like doing it.”
Yep. That’s what Astrid in the old timeline did. Taking care of Walter. Although I think sometimes she didn’t want to.

I just had to put this in here.
He looks so scared and scary at the same time. Fringe is awesome. Even the extras are amazing. 

Walter thinks that the deaths are associated with this mobile transaction. But Astrid assures him that this is just how people pay for things now.
Shush everyone. It’s ok. As I said earlier, it pays the bills or we wouldn’t have any Fringe. 

WALTER: “Huh. What will they think of next?”
That is a good question.

BROYLES: “All we know so far, at 3:23pm more than two dozen people experienced some kind of spontaneous human combustion.” There is that 23 again.
 PETER: “You know that's a myth, right?”

1.19 The Road Not Taken came to mind again.
WALTER: “Well, from what Agent Francis described, it's possible we're dealing with a case of spontaneous human combustion.”
PETER: “Thought that was just a myth.”
WALTER: “Oh, myth is just an unverified fact.”

Walter is inspecting one of the victims.
Gruesome! I’m always amazed at the visual and special effects they come up with. 

WALTER: “Okay, my friend. Let's see what secrets you hold.”
1.19 The Road Not Taken
WALTER: “I was afraid that someone would unlock all my secrets. I didn't realize that someone would be me.” 

WALTER: “Hmm. I -- I had a watch similar to this once. My uncle gave it to me. Uncle Heinrich.”
2.03 Fracture
WALTER: “The same principle applied to proximity fuses and World War Two aerial bombs, in fact, my Uncle Henry was killed by one in the 'Battle of Guadalcanal'.”
Just in case you didn’t know, Henry is the English translation for Heinrich.

 WALTER: “He loved rhubarb.”
And so do you, I guess because that’s what got you, Peter and Olivia in trouble in 4.12 Welcome To Westfield. 

JESSICA HOLT: “ i gonna die?”
WALTER: “I -- I can't answer that. Not yet.”
JESSICA HOLT: “What are you?”
WALTER: “What am -- I'm human. What are you? Is this some sort of alien invasion? Are you part of a strike f...”

Walter, have you been watching too much Star Trek?

Anyway, Jessica is one of the victims but she is still alive and allows Walter to test her blood. Astrid analyzes her blood and they find an abnormally.
WALTER: “What sort of virus are you? If you were aereolized, you would have infected everyone, not just those on the escalator. If you were harbored on a water tap or a doorknob, the first few contacts would have wiped you clean. What would have kept you fresh and so infectious, my lethal friend?”

2.12 What Lies Below popped into my head when I saw this scene. 
I thought of how Walter was trying to figure out how the virus worked. 

Anyway, they discover that it’s not a virus at all but Nanites.  Someone planted that device there and people’s movements activate them.
No. 26 – does that mean anything?

Jessica agrees to be experimented on and they get her safely to the lab. Walter is working on an antidote to destroy the Nanites.
Olivia tries to make it as comfortable as possible for her. Jessica asks for her phone and calls her ex to pick up her daughter.
Am I the only one who thinks that this was/is a set-up for Olivia?

Anyway, after the phone call Jessica’s temperature begins to rise and Walter might not be ready in time with the antidote. Jessica needs to stay calm.

OLIVIA: “Jessica? Jessica, I just want you to focus on me, okay? ... Focus on your breathing.”
1.19 The Road Not Taken
OLIVIA: “You're gonna be okay. Just calm down. Just calm down… You can control this and I'm gonna help you. I just need you to focus the heat away from us… Just focus. Focus on anything. Just focus, Nancy. You can do this, Nancy.”

It’s not working. Jessica’s temperature keeps rising.
So then Olivia takes charges and absorbs the heat herself.
I’m assuming because she’s got Cortexiphan (and I don’t mean just the resent dosing) in her system and she’s “always been the strong one” she can defuse situations like this without harming herself. 
Go Dunhamnator!

OLIVIA: “Walter, do you have any idea what just happened to me?”
WALTER: “I could make an educated guess. Cortexiphan has given you certain kinetic powers. Moving molecules so quickly that you can create spontaneous combustion, yes? Well, perhaps in this case, you slowed the molecules down, causing her to cool down.” Didn't I just say that? Or at least sort of.
OLIVIA: “But how did I do it?”
WALTER: “I'm afraid I have no idea.”

Olivia escorts Jessica to the car.
I thought it was interesting that Olivia is all bundled up and Jessica just wears a light jacket, hm.

The Banner.
I've always known this as “pax” but it’s also referred to as “chi rho”. 
It also says: Light of the world” which in Christianity is Jesus. He is the savior.
So what does this mean (or does it mean anything at all) for the Fringe world. Is Olivia going to save the world? Jesus sacrificed himself so that we (I) could live. Will Olivia face the same fate? 

Olivia gives Jessica her card in case she has other symptoms. Again, Olivia be careful, I smell a rat.
Anyway, Olivia gets called to the office. They found out who is behind the incident.
I thought it was cool, that the date on the footage actually said May 4, 2012 which was the day the episode aired. 

Back at the lab, Walter does his own investigation. The Nanites have the signature of the designer on them.
Oh, oh. We've seen this symbol before. 3.19 LSD
Mr. X who Olivia thinks is going to kill her. 
According to William Bell it could be someone from Olivia’s past. But she didn’t recognize him. 

WALTER: “A hundred different ways to design a Nanite, and he chose this. It's inconceivable. Not by chance. Jones isn't smart enough, not by himself.”
I said last week: “Maybe he is just the one carrying out the plan, devised by someone else”.

ASTRID: “Wait, what are you saying?”
WALTER: “Jones didn't create these Nanites. They're not his design! There's only one person who would construct this particular pattern.”
ASTRID: “Who?”

Patience, we shall find out soon!

DAVID JONES: “I have bad news, sir. Agent Dunham has stopped us again.”

WILLIAM BELL: “Don't be so sure.”

What the heck? Where did he come from? I knew Bell couldn’t be trusted way from the beginning. 
And I hate to break it to you, Mr. Bell. I think you are underestimating Olivia, just like everyone else, you’ll see!

Then we have a chess board again.
DAVID JONES: “Olivia beat us today. Clearly, you don't seem concerned.”
WILLIAM BELL: “Don't confuse a winning move with a winning game.”
DAVID JONES: “This board never changes. How long do you take between moves?”
WILLIAM BELL: “Since the last move... about 20 years. In this game, the skill one must have above all else is patience. The board changes, but very slowly. The art of chess -- the art -- is knowing when a piece is most valuable, and then, in that very moment, being willing to sacrifice it. For in the vacuum created by the loss of what is most precious, opportunity abounds, influence is maximized, and desire becomes destiny. For example, on this board, the most valuable piece is the Bishop, Therefore, for the game to be won...”
I absolutely loved this analogy/explanation. And as I said before I want to figure out who the players are on the Fringe chess board and I thought I was making progress. But then as I later find out I’m all wrong and have to start over, sigh!

DAVID JONES: “The Bishop must be sacrificed. I'll attend to it.”
Oh, that doesn’t sound good. And Jones is jumping to conclusions. 

WILLIAM BELL: “Promptly.”
I wonder if Bell knew that the Bishop in this case would be Jones, if Bell set up Jones, to be just another Pawn in this game, just like Alt-Nina and Alt-Broyles (4.18 The Consultant).

So Walter and Olivia go and see Nina.
The machine is off in the back and everything is boxed up, how sad.

WALTER: “He's alive. I'm telling you, he's alive I knew that Jones's plan was too ingenious, too remarkable, that it had to have come from Belly. He's alive, Nina. The 'nanotech' that Jones used on the escalator, I've examined them. They were built by Belly. I -- I'd recognize his work anywhere. His methodology was all ov... Nina! It was the work of a master, not an imposter! I know the difference.”

Bell apparently died in a car accident on New Year’s Day seven years ago, but not according to Nina. It was Christmas.

WALTER: “I -- I always thought that he died on New Year, because he came to visit me the night before to say goodbye.”
OLIVIA: “Walter, what are you talking about?”
WALTER: “When I was in Saint Claire's, Belly came to visit me. It was New Year's Eve, 2005. They gave me additional shocks that day just to celebrate, so I can't remember what he said. Nina, I know you loved him.”
NINA: “Oh, Walter, just stop it! The car crash wasn't an accident. William had Lymphoma. He'd been trying to fight it, but... I think he didn't want me to see him that way anymore. He didn't want to be vulnerable. He wanted to go out on his own terms, and he did.”

I thought of 3.19 LSD
WALTER: “When we would do experiments, he would use that [the dog wouldn't hunt] expression when he knew something wouldn't work.”
ASTRID: “But he suggested the computer. It was his idea.”
WALTER: “Exactly. He knew he wasn't coming out. And he hates good-byes.”

WALTER: “It's still possible”
NINA: “Oh, Walter, anything is possible, but the man I knew wouldn't try to destroy a universe. That doesn't sound like William.”
Well that depends on which William you’re talking about. 

4.05 Novation
MALCOLM TRUSS: “I never thought I'd say this, but... I wish William Bell were alive... just so he could see you. (talking to the shapeshifter) I truly believed that the work that we were doing was going to change the world. And just like that... Bell shut down the project. And all he could say was, "Some things are not ours to tamper with. Some things... are God's."

This was said in this timeline. Is this not correct anymore? Or is this Bell from the alternate universe who in the old timeline died young in a car accident (2.22 Over There Part 2, Bell explaining to Walter) but in this timeline just faked his death. 

Walter wants to prove that he was right about which day Bell came to visit him in St. Claire’s so that where Walter is heading. He stops in his old cell.
1.01 The Pilot
That’s where it all began. And what a ride we’ve had. 
Who wrote this formula on the table and what is it for?
As Walter leaves the cell an orderly talks to him and Walter gets scared.
He goes right back to holding his hand we've seen many times from the beginning. Our old Walter is still there.

And I’m sure you all knew that this is actually John Noble’s daughter, Samantha who portrayed Dr. Benlo, the new administrator at St. Claire’s.

OLIVIA: “Walter, you said you had been having a lot of shock therapy. Do you think perhaps he could have been a hallucination?”
WALTER: “No. No. My hallucinations were rarely biped and never men.”
Do I really want to know, lol? And I wish I could do sound because John Noble was just awesome during this.

Walter is sniffing and licking the pages of the visitor’s log from 2005.
When Walter sniffed and licked I thought back to 1.10 Safe
OLIVIA to Charlie: “Just show him the other batch, and be patient with him. His mind works in a different way.” 
It sure does. 

On the way out.
WALTER: “I must say, you're much prettier than your predecessor.”
That would have been Dr. Sumner I presume. This one is from 1.08 The Equation. 

Peter and Olivia are cooking and she’s mincing garlic I think. Too bad they never got to eat. She cuts herself in the finger
and Peter is all cute.

OLIVIA: “I was thinking about that girl, Jessica. Oh, one encounter with us and her child almost becomes an orphan. And we deal with this every day. We're playing the odds, Peter. I mean, what do you really think our chances are of having a normal life?”
3.22 The Day We Died came to mind. 
OLIVIA: “I can't say that I don't think about it [having a child]. And that I don't wish things were different.”
PETER: “Honey, people still have families. Look at Amanda. She was born into this world, and she's still happy. And the world could get better. So I still think we're gonna have a kid.”

PETER: “Olivia, I know you're scared about what happened in the lab yesterday.”
OLIVIA: “I don't know what's happening to me. What I'm becoming. I've got this -- this power inside me that terrifies me because I don't understand it, and I just -- I just want it out.”
Boy, Olivia seems quite agitated about this. 
The last time she wanted something out of her was John Scott’s memories in 1.09 The Dreamscape.
OLIVIA: “I need to get it out. I can't keep having John's life flash in front of my eyes every few days. There must be something you can do.”

PETER: “Okay. So we'll figure it out. Together.”
OLIVIA: “Is that a personal guarantee?”

PETER: “After all we've been through, I will not lose you again, Olivia.”
I hope you’re right.

PETER: “I'm starving. What's a guy got to do to get a good home-cooked meal around here?”
This scene too was medicine for my P/O shipper’s heart. 

I was also thinking back to 3.03 The Plateau when Frank was cooking for (our) Olivia. 
OLIVIA: “Can we eat?”

And yet again, bliss gets interrupted.

A beam is coming from the sky going right through a building.
Olivia and Peter are on their way there.
Nice green and red action going.

WALTER: “Jones must be reflecting the light off of something, like one of those disco balls, and then focusing it, like we do with a magnifying glass.”
OLIVIA: “And why is he doing it? Seems like he's trying to burn a hole to China.”
WALTER: “It's a myth. Technically, it would be India, but I doubt it.”

1.04 The Arrival
WALTER: “Many years ago, I worked on 'Project Thor'. The Department of Defense wanted a subterranean torpedo, a missile which could, in theory, be shot from anywhere in the world through the earth's core and hit its target on the other side.”
PETER: “I know for a fact that that is ridiculous.”

Walter wants geological data from Beacon Hill. He remembered reading about an oil find in that area and asks Peter and Olivia to basically evacuate all of Boston because the beam could set Boston on fire from below.
Beacon Hill: 
1.15 Inner Child – the meat packing plant was in Beacon Hill
2.09 Snakehead – Matt and his mom lived in Beacon Hill
2.18 The Man From The Other Side – Mr. Verona lived in Beacon Hill
4.07 Wallflower – Jack the first victim, lived in Beacon Hill
4.16 Nothing As It Seems – the LPD Institute was in Beacon Hill

The other thing that came to mind when Walter was talking about Boston being on fire was 1.19 The Road Not Taken again, one of Olivia’s visions. 
This was presumably the alternate universe but it would also fit with “the future”. There is writing on the wall saying: He is here and that fits with Bell being in Boston right now as well. 

Astrid discovers two radio frequencies and Walter does some math. He then sends Peter and Olivia to the edge of Chinatown were the signal is being sent from.
Walter is also cooking up something.
ASTRID: “Walter, if you were hungry, I could've gotten you something.”
WALTER: “This is not about food, Athos, this is about Bell. Where's the knife? Please, quickly?”

Meanwhile Peter and Olivia arrive where the antennas are but in order to shut them off they have to split up.
Uh, not a good idea. Especially seeing that Jones is already waiting for them there.  

Back in the lab, Walter is taking the lemon cake apart.
ASTRID: “Oh, my God, that smells terrible. What is it?”
WALTER: “Lemon cake, laced with pig brain.”
ASTRID: “What?”
WALTER: “Hmm? Lemon cake is the perfect incubator. And I thought it was easier to get pig brain on short notice than a human specimen.’

I was thinking back to 1.15 Unleashed where Peter almost ate an omelet with an ear growing in it. 
Walter had baked one of the pages from the visitor’s log because he thinks Bell left his finger prints on them.
WALTER: “I know none of you believe me, which is why I have conducted this little experiment. The pig brain is activating a little-known side effect of Cortexiphan, which is temporary tissue regeneration. Heated between ninety and one hundred degrees, the Cortexiphan I have added to the pig brain should cause at least partial regeneration of all biological matter on the sheet of paper, and voila, fingerprints! Although... identifying Belly's prints from these smudges may prove impossible, after all.”

After some more sniffing and licking Walter finds Almond Oil which Bell was obsessed about.
As Astrid looks on, the lemon cake is regeneration itself because of the Cortexiphan that was added.
So I’m gonna throw something out here. If Cortexiphan gives the ability to be regenerative, does that mean Olivia could heal herself if she gets hurt. 
I was thinking back to 2.01 A New Day In The Old Town.
Olivia was clinically dead. I always thought it was because of Peter that she woke up. But what if it was this little known side effect of Cortexiphan that brought her back to life. 

So now that Walter knows for sure Belly came to visit him in St. Claire’s he going off to find him.
WALTER: “I'm going to find Belly. A-1 Imports, down by the Seaport… I know this is a 'wild goose chase', a fool's errand, and I'm a fool, but no one is asking you to join me, Alex. It's my hunch, and I'm quite capable of pursuing it on my own, so peace out. I don't...”
ASTRID: “ Alex?”
WALTER: “I was on a roll.”
ASTRID: “Mm-hmm.”

a fool’s errand, and I’m a fool” – these are some reference I found: 
A book called “A fool’s errand, by one of the fools”. If you take a "look inside" and scroll down a bit it talks about Noah being one of the earliest of the fools but was vindicated. I thought it interesting since references to Noah’s ark have been made. 

Another reference is this: A snipe hunt, a form of wild-goose chase that is also known as a fool's errand.
Walter starts off with “a wild goose chase”.

And then there is this: a 1987 computer game 
The first chapter is titled “The Sun” 
There was talk earlier about the sun.
OLIVIA: “We're just passing Kenmore Square. Now, what do you mean, it's the Sun?”
WALTER: “Well, even though we can't see it, it's still there in the sky. Jones must be reflecting the light off of something, like one of those disco balls, and then focusing it, like we do with a magnifying glass.”

Why Walter called Astrid “Alex” and what he meant by “peace out”, that went over my head and I have no idea what he is referring to. Any ideas?

Anyway, as Walter and Astrid take off, Peter and Olivia are on the roofs and need to disable the signal.
PETER: “Now find the dial... marked 'transmission amplitude'. That's the one that needs to be tuned all the way down.”
OLIVIA: “Okay, got it.”
PETER: “But not yet! Not--not--not yet. Sorry. We have to do it together. If we don't, the beam could go off-kilter, cut a swath across Boston. It'd be sort of like don't cross the streams, just, you know, in reverse.”
OLIVIA: “You know I have no idea what you're talking about.”
PETER: “Yes, I know.”

That’s ok, Olivia. It took me a while too to figure out what Peter was talking about. “Don’t cross the streams” is from Ghostbusters
It’s cool because in 1.19 The Road Not Taken a reference to the movie was made as well. 
PETER: “If there's something strange in your neighborhood...”
WALTER: “...who you gotta call?”

Anyway, Olivia and Peter disable the signal.
But Peter has company. And it’s not the friendly kind. 
And Olivia can’t help Peter because she’s still on the other roof.
She also gets company. Two very unfriendly security guards ask Olivia to drop her gun.
As she does, so are they.
Kind of goes back to 2.07 Of Human Action which was about mind control. 
And we know from 3.22 The Day We Died where Olivia had learned to control her power of moving objects. 
I don’t know if she knew she could do that but it certainly gave her the idea to fight Peter’s fight. 
As Peter fights with Jones, Olivia takes control over Peter and fights for him, in a sense. 
I hate to tell you Jones, but you have no chance against a Bishop and a Dunham. 

And so Jones meets his demise… again.
DAVID JONES: “I got it wrong. I was the sacrifice. I was the Bishop. Ugh.”
As I said earlier I wonder if he was a “pawn”. 
The way he died reminded me of 1.20 There Is More Than One Of Everything.
It kind of also reminded me of 2.06 Earthling. 
In the meantime Walter and Astrid arrive at the seaport. The gruesome “Noah’s ark” is anchored there.
It also says “Eden” on the building.

Astrid thinks they can’t get in but the door to the company building is unlocked.
WALTER: “Ye of little faith.”
That reminded me of 1.02 The Same Old Story
ASTRID: “Are we really going to be able to see her last image?”
WALTER: “Faith. Never a bad thing to have.”

As Walter and Astrid enter the building they come across this gentleman.
Oh that can’t be good. He’s the guy from the ship in 4.16 Nothing As It Seems. 
Astrid notices that he has a gun and that they should leave. Walter hears a noise. They hear the creatures Jones created.

But of course where there is one bad guy there are usually more.
Finally some KickAss-Astrid Action. You go girl. 

She grabs Walter and they chase through the containers. She even has a gun!
But one of guys shoots Astrid.
This was definitely a shock and big surprise. Did not see that coming at all. 

I don’t know what to say. Is she going to be ok? 
Walter, why did you have to go in and see what made the noise? This is the second time Walter go Astrid in trouble. 
Last time was in 2.09 Snakehead as she was followed back to the lab and she got beaten up. 
I know this case didn’t happen either but that’s what I thought off. 

Then Bell shows up and says to Walter: “Hello old friend.”
Really, is this an appropriate welcome committee for an old friend? Bell, you better do something and help Astrid. 

Wow, that was an amazing episode with so many turns and twists. And this was only part one. 
What will we find out in the finale? What are Bell’s plans? What about Astrid? What about Olivia’s powers? Will the world still collapse?
And I guess the big question at least for me: What will the cliffhanger be?

And I’m so glad this will only be the season end. 

Fringe Rocks! Keep watching!


Zort70 said...

Great observations as always.

Is there any significance to the A1 Imports name ?

I can't think of anything obvious and there are several companies out there called A1 Imports.

Or is it related to the chess game ? A1 usually being the white rook (castle).

cortexifan said...

yeah, I looked at the A1 Imports, and I couldn't come up with anything. But the chess reference you made, hm!

Zepp said...

Hey cortexifan, thank you for these thoughts and reasoning with respect to this penultimate episode of the 4th season of Fringe, they are very good and very well developed. This episode also made me think about the Observers, and their real intentions. I always saw the Observers, as one entity nice, friendly, like a sort of caretakers of the human race, and everything else. Now I see Observers as something dangerous and pernicious personal freedom of individuals, but also do not see that one of them, which is the Observer September. I think he is a kind of dissident "clan" of the Observers, I'm pretty sure, and this has been occurring since the time he saved the boy Peter and Walter on the frozen lake.

I also have the impression that those scenes in 2026, in episode 4.19 (Etta, Simon ...), means a kind of continuation of Fringe after the end of the next 5th season. It, I believe, as a sample of (probable) Fringe II to be produced later. But these are merely my conjecture, of course.

Mosaic_Hyde said...

Unless there is going to be another fire in Walter's lab and then A1 steak sauce comes to mind...

cortexifan said...

Mosaic Hyde,
I was at work all day and have been dying to come home and ask if A1 was a type of Tabasco sauce, thank you for bringing it up.

Anonymous said...

I was worried about Astrid too... but then I remembered... Twenty Thirty-Six.

Dennis said...

In regards to paying for things on your phone, I have a Sprint phone with that feature - it's called Google Wallet. It was only available on one phone for a long time (the Samsung Nexus S 4G), but now Google has several phones with this feature.

Sam Weiss said...

great finale.. THEY are coming!!! the OBSERVERS clan... "invinsible people from the future.. possibly dosed with alot of cortexiphan" that can regenerate their body even with a gunshot.. just like september.. hahaha.. Season 5 will be definitely goin to be great. henrietta getting born and walter getting back part of his brain.. crazy tv show EVER.. (",) I hope Cortexiphan does exist is this TIMELINE..

Blog INFO said...

the best serial!!!!!!!!!!!!

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