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Vote 'Fringe' for's 'Best Overall Series of 2011'

      Email Post       12/15/2011 10:28:00 AM      

It's that time of year.
Many websites are making nominee lists and checking them twice. is having a 'Best Of 2011' contest, and Fringe is a contestant for 'Best Overall Series of 2011.'

Click here to vote now. Voting ends January 02, 2012. Give Fringe your support!


marie said...

Also, John Noble is in the Best Dramatic Actor category and Anna Torv in the Best Dramatic Actress.

AND in the favorite Smarty-pants category, we have Dr. Walter Bishop!

Matthew M said...

This is sad....................... no news, no spoilers, no interviews, no nothing.

Lexia 3 said...

I would recommend you to come up with posts a bit a lot more often.

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