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Matt Roush's Top 10(And Then Some) of 2011

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Matt Roush's Top 10 (And Then Some) of 2011
Dec 16, 2011 04:11 PM ET
by Matt Roush


Living on the fringe of the TV schedule and ratings, Fox's sci-fi/fantasy mind-blower just keeps expanding in its mystical complexity. As Peter Bishop plays peek-a-boo between warring universes, we're treated to cautionary Frankenstein parables of the dangers of playing God. A more than worthy successor to The X-Files.

Click here to read Matt's entire TV Guide article.


Zepp said...

I the words of Matt Roush also mine: Fringe is more than a worthy successor of the X-Files! Nice news like this, as are, fortunately, a constant in this "life" of Fringe. Our beloved show Fringe, to our joy, is often mentioned in these lists of "top", promoted by the critical, specialized, the American media.

Matthew M said...

Of this list besides "FRINGE" only "THE BIG BANG" is something I would watch. Most everything else is crap. I tried "revenge" for 3 episodes but if they would have played the revenge straight through by knocking off every evil person one per week and then end the series it would have been a great idea, like '10 Little Indians' as series TV.

cortexifan said...

Fringe also made's top 100 list and landed at No. 16. Pretty cool. There's hardly a list out there that doesn't have Fringe included.
So cannot wait for the 13th!!!!!!

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