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TVLine Readers Share Their 2012 Wish List

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December 29, 2011 05:00 AM PST

TVLine Readers Share Their 2012 Wish List For Supernatural, Glee, NCIS, Gossip Girl and More!
by Team TVLine

And look who the #3 wishes are for:


“Finally an Emmy nomination for Anna Torv and John Noble – the most underrated actors on TV.” --Sabrina

“Renewal of Fringe for a fifth and final season (a la Chuck). That's it. I'd trade the future of all my other shows for one last season of Fringe. That's how good it is. It deserves a real ending.” --Jeff

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Anonymous said...

John and Anna are not underrated, they are overrated so much that people could care less about the OTHER actors on this show. My wish would be an episodes with no Walter and no Olivia and have Peter, astrid, broyles and Lincoln shine just this once.

JM said...

Minus lincoln and i agree!

Anonymous said...

Thanks JM, lincoln is not that bad, just when he is NOT with Olivia. I can watch a whole episode of just Peter and Lincoln solving a case together. That would be a FUN episode.

BTW, the picture sure symbolizes what fringe has become, Walter and Olivia front and center and peter all the way in the back. Not sure why they promoted Joshua Jackson in season 1 as if he is one of the leads when he isn't.

Anonymous said...

Oh, btw, before anybody calls me a troll by saying that i want an episode with no Walter and no Olivia, remember, I had to deal with 4 episodes of no Peter so what is so wrong with having one episode without Olivia or walter for once.

JM said...

I did enjoy lincoln and peters relationship in stowaway and i do agree lincoln is far worse when he is with olivia, so awkward and absolutely zero chemistry. Even walter has been sidelined to them since about episode 4 though

tweener said...

jonxproductions Ari Margolis
#FringeBinge 408 Teaser #1 - You will get at least 15 scenes with Peter.

it's a message from twitter.

so basically what they are trying to say
with this message is: hush, hush peter fans, joshua will appear 15 times in this episode, happy now?

well , lucky us , right? right? NOT.

what a way to patronize josh his fans!!
wow, if you have to start TO COUNT how many times peter will appear in one episode, than there is something really wrong.

if they send a message saying that olivia will appear 15 times the next episode, then her fans will say: AND? SO? what are you trying to say?

but for us, the fans of josh , i suppose you think we must start jumping of joy,or what?

Anonymous said...

Huh, 15 scenes with Peter and how long are they? will it be 15 One minute scenes or 15 2 minute scenes?

tweener said...

LOL, right? i think that

even if peter appears for one second.

they going to count it as one appearance.

so be prepared to be yet disappointed!

ACJ said...

Seriously? you guys are getting rediculous. This show above everything else is about love, so please stop with the hateful behaviour. Go spread your hatred somewhere else. You're acting like bullies and bigots. Can't you just be excited about the new episodes, and anticipate what might become of the rest of the season? Just please, chill out and stop being so hateful and negative.

Anonymous said...

Sorry ACJ, but once the writers stop pissing off the fanbase, we wouldn't be complaining. You don't just have a character gone for 4 episodes and push them into the background just to start developing a relationship aka olivia and Lincoln, that nobody cares about.

Briar said...

I'm astonished that Noble and Torv have been overlooked this way. But so has the show. Perhaps it just came along at a time when SF is generally under-rated - but then SF is always generally under-rated and dismissed as childish fantasy while the real world prefers witty shows about gangsters and advertising executives or whatever (which are just as much fantastic fictions, really).

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!! said...

Absolutely agree, Anna Torv and John Noble deserve all the awards for their hard and beautiful work throughout the entire series. Both pretty much underrated as well as the show, even when their characters are by far the most amazing I've seen in a very long time.

BTW, Fringe was listed as number 2, not 3...look again ;)

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!! said...

Peter fans aren't doing the character any favors, because some of them have valid points like JM with the Lincoln thing; but others like LadyGaga and tweener spend their time complaining about how they want the Peter show, instead of wanting the story to develop further. If they think the solution to see more Peter is that of Northwest Passage, boy they are wrong!!!, it was dreadful. I like Peter the way he was in seasons 1 and 2, but please don't try to isolate him because it will be plane boring, as it would be if we saw a Walter or Olivia episode. I wouldn't mind an episode with more Peter, Broyles, Astrid and Lincoln, but I'm afraid it won't help. What the writers need to do is to shape him up, with Walter and Olivia on his side. They really need to improve his background, make him more interesting, than just being the boy who lived until he was a man and to take the BBM the hell away from him...come on!

PG said...

I actually love Northwest Passage, it's one of my favorites, but I didn't like the abrupt resolution to that story in the following episode. I didn't appreciate those breaks from Peter to show yet another Walter breakdown scene, no matter how great John Noble was. However, I don't think it's smart to have episodes without any of the three main characters, just like I don't think it was smart to sideline Peter so obnoxiously in S3 and to literally take him out of the show in S4.

My wish for this year is that, if this is the last season, I hope the writers are given enough advance notice, so that they can write an end and not leave us with a cliffhanger. I don't expect it to be good or satisfactory, seeing how the season is going, but I hope it is a closed enough end.

Jennifer (obsessed Josh Jackson fan) said...

Let me first start off by saying I am an obsessed Josh Jackson fan & he is the reason I started to watch this show because normally I'm not really into Sci Fi but this has to be the most unpredictable, amazingly brilliant show EVER so I will be happy that they put the 3 back together & let them solve problems of the world TOGETHER as they did at the end of season 1 & in season 2 with Astrid along side in the lab & have it continue for several more seasons.

Anonymous said...

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!!, and you aren't doing the Peter character any favors either since you go and praise john and anna like they are perfect people while bashing Peter.

tweener said...

to WTFringe is awesome,

after reading your comments, you dont have any valid comments either.

so basically what you trying to say; dont give us a peter episode, because thats too boring.

just let him be in the front a little more, so his fans can stop complaining.

let me guess you are an olivia fan , right? i thought so.

and btw, there were plenty of olivia and walter episode, and you know why they were good?
it's because the writers give anna and john the best material to work with.

its the material that can make or break the actor.
the writers dont care about peter/josh, they just give him the worst script to work with.
AND THAT's what makes me angry.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the writers gave josh lots of great material like the machine, killing the shapeshifters and being weaponized, etc but Joshs own arcs keep getting dropped to the point where josh NEVER got the chance to fully act it out. Josh can't possibly understand his character if they keep DROPPING them.

Anonymous said...

I forgot this, too, I also believe that because peters character is so darn quiet and Walter and olivia are such loud characters with their 2 minute speeches, josh doesn't get the respect that he deserves. I also believe what should have been PETER'S big moments, they somehow wind up having olivia or Walter upstage him.
It also sickens me that I was totally hoping novation was peter's 'Olivia' or 'marionette' but it winded up being all about poor Walter and john got his big scene while josh didnt and this was supposed to be PETERS welcome episode.

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!! said...

I get pikaia feelings and agree with Jennifer (obsessed Josh Jackson fan), that's the way to go from now on, to give the Peter character the chance to develop more. I also agree with you LadyGaga about the Peter plots keep getting dropped, those you mentioned were so poorly linked to the main story, that made no sense. But I have to say that I disagree with your take on Novation, I thought Peter was awesome in that one, even better than Walter, since this Walter isn't the same we knew and it didn't pay off as the Peter lines (those felt so real because he is the same guy that we knew.

About tweener, he is just plane blinded and angry. His/Hers comments feel like there's nothing Fringe can do to please him/her anymore.

What I want is for all of the main characters Fringe has to become unforgettable, and I think Olivias and Walters are closer to do that, the only one who is short is the one of Peter and I hope they do something to improve him. That's why I cannot praise him yet like I do with Anna and John, but I sure hope I can get to Josh before the show is over.

Anyways, what Fringe has done so far with all of the cast is above all of the current shows on TV. They've made an incredible journey for Olivia, John and Peter, and I hope we get to see a final act worthy of its story.

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!! said...

Ups!, I meant *Olivia, Walter and Peter...

45 said...

So you're punishing JOSH for the way the writers write him? He isn't good enough to be praised because oh, the writers don't want to write for him. Nice attitude there. It's like punishing a person for having only one leg.

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!! said...

Well 45, Medals aren't for free you know?... I like him, but an award from the media would surprised me, given that he hasn't achieve in Fringe the level of performance that prizes are given for, and I wont give him a petty award.

Your metaphor is just wrong, it sounded like you think Josh doesn't have the skills to pull a best performance award.

45 said...

Actually, Josh was nominated and won his very FIRST Best Actor Genie Award (which is the Canadian Version of the Academy award just so you know) for One Week so Josh CAN pull it off, thank you very much. It just people don't care about Josh/Peter because he doesn't have a damn double to play.

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!! said...

to 45...BTW, Why would a one leg person be punished for?...That makes no sense. If what your're trying to say is that the writers cut of Josh's leg, it also makes no sense, he still has voice, eyes, hands, and the other leg, etc... and would be praised if he accomplished something in that situation.

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!! said...

To 45...At all times I've been referring to Fringe. But that's good for Josh.

tweener said...

i wish that anna torv will put more effort in those polivia scenes.

she just stands there! would it kill her to take initiative and do something too??

look at sarah in chuck, that actress is so into those romantic scenes between chuck and sarah.

it doesnt matter who anna plays, fauxlivia or olivia ;its always josh who takes control in those scenes.

she has to put more effort!!

josh is always the one who touches her hair,cheeks, nose etc.
and some things arent scripted, it has to come from the actors in that specific scene;
it's called "chemistry".

Anonymous said...

I am referring to your 'josh just doesn't have the acting skills to get an award' thing and that's why I referred to his award for one week. Okay, here is what I meant about my metaphor, I meant that josh is missing something that John and Anna do have, a double to play, they are getting all this attention due to that one fact alone while josh who DOESN'T have a double is being ignored and his screentime, his storylines are being shoved into the background.

If you have dont something that everyone else gets to have, people tend to pick on you for it.

Anonymous said...

Lol, tweener, and believe me, go watch other josh films, these women are ALL OVER HIM when they do love scenes with him.

WTFringe is Awesome!!!!! said...

ok who is who?....are you the same?

Nahh, that's just nonsense, I'm fine with those scenes. I've never watch Chuck and never will. Besides, those scenes aren't what makes me watch Fringe, it's an all together story, not just the kissing scenes, come on!, grow up!. Enough ranting, lets just say that we agree to disagree.

tweener said...

to LadyGagaClapClap ;

i know, i saw many movies of joshua.

it's the FIRST time ever, and i mean EVER tat i saw josh having romantic scenes with an actress with zero chemistry. EVER.

he is in the business for ,i think, 25 years, and i saw never such behaviour. he made a lot of movies and started in a long runing tv show. and in ALL of those,the chemistry between him and his female co -stars were crazy. it was so good.

it makes you wonder, right?

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