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FRINGE - Fan's Ask: Anna Torv (Season 4)

      Email Post       12/10/2011 09:27:00 PM      

Here is the first of many new cast interview videos, According to Fringe media man, Ari Margolis.
Anna is wonderful, here, as always. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Of course they do this annoying blonde first. I hope everyone else gets their own damn video.

Sami said...

^If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all.
Anna, we love you!

Angela said...

@monsterbabe how could you say ' annoying blond'? she's the sweetest girl ever! how is she annoying in any way?

Anonymous said...

@Kent - LOL.



Anonymous said...

Oh shut up Angela, everyone loves Anna and hates josh.

David said...

Jealously is a curse, Monsterbabe, unless you know something about Anna that really annoys you that we all don't then i would think if you have nothing good to say about anyone then say nothing at all.
Anna Torv is a fine actress and has done a terrific job with what she has been asked to do whilst on Fringe.
I'm sure the other actors will get their own video in time, just because Anna was first doesn't mean you have to air all your dirty washing on her.

Fringe4Ever said...

Well said David. Anna, like the rest of the cast, is doing a great job with the show.

Natureyogurt said...


Matthew M said...

I think Anna was trying to sat that 'over here' olivia is so damned ANAL!

@'Anonymous said...' are you still around? I thought they were going to block your repetitive, ignorant comment. I say 'comment' because you leave the same thing every time you post. Grow up or go away.

I'd like to ask Anna which Olivia personality is closer to here own?

@'MonsterBabe' 'Of course they do this annoying blonde first'...... funny, on my IMAC HD screen Anna's hair is more red than blonde. Might be the lighting or maybe she IS a red haired girl after all, YAHOO!

Joe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Joe..dude seriously?Giving your personal email in a public site is a bad idea!You should be more careful..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Anna Torv, awesome actress, and great that she has so much contact with fans, while filming in Vancouver and in her vacation in Italy and on twitter, great promoter for Fringe.

BTW for those interested: Anna was also in Cambodia in April, for Oxfam, clip is on You Tube.

I noticed underneath the new teaser clip that this blog is filled with hateful, disgusting remarks by Pacey/josh fans directed at the lovely Anna Torv, the usual suspects, who do this everywhere and spread lies as well.

Is there not someone who can remove those comments?

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