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SVT Best of 2011 TV Awards-The Winners Announced!

      Email Post       12/17/2011 11:24:00 PM      

Well, sadly our beloved series did not win the best TV Drama category, and came in at #3.
BUT, I am happy to announce that John Noble ran away with the vote to win the "Most Overlooked" category by 25%.

Congratulations to John Noble, who is truly overlooked in all awards everywhere for his talent in portraying multiple versions of Dr. Walter Bishop.

Click here to read all the winners in SpoilerTV's Best of 2011 TV Awards.


Zepp said...

Congratulations John for the prize: Best SVT TV Awards 2011 - "Most Overlooked". It is a super-deserved award for you, John Noble! WOW! No doubt you are, and always will be our Walter Bishop, forever!

fringeobsessed said...

Nicely said, Zepp. :)

45 said...

Good thing Anna torv didn't win anything.

Anonymous said...

And once again Gene is overlooked. I can't believe this crap show doesn't make her the centre of absolutely everything. She's the only reason I watch, and I don't know why I bother.

Il Toro

Anonymous said...

I love Fringe and it's whole cast but I will never understand why people that have to make snarky comments even bother to come here on this Fringe site. Fringe is a tv show that is not watched by teens who spend their day voting on sites. Good luck to the whole cast.

Anonymous said...

On an up note, Mike Hales of the NYT's has named Fringe as one of this 10 favorite TV shows of 2011


fringeobsessed said...

Thanks for sharing that link. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
David said...

To those who have seem to have a problem with Anna Torv, be person enough to state your case or forever hold your peace.
Has I said in another blog post, "Jelousy is a curse" and unless you all know something about Miss Torv that we all don't, then may I suggest that if you have nothing good to say about anyone, then say nothing at all.
Anyway to leave on a good note, it's fantastic that John Noble is finally being recongnised for all the fine work he is putting in as Walter Bishop.
Now if only the organizers of those other TV awards (Emmys, Golden Globes) would do the same and give credit where it is due.

Lucyluaua said...

My problem with Anna is how she became popular while Josh became less than popular because of a storyline revolving around HER! The writers ruined Josh/Peter because the writers cared more about HER than Josh and Peter and how she shoves her like for seth gabel while ignoring Josh.

I don't care if she didn't write the show, if she wasn't so darn good at hating on Peter for what he did, the audience wouldn't hate Peter. She is to blame for all the hate Peter/Josh gets.

cortexifan said...

Please, stop bashing Anna and John. They have nothing to do with how Josh is perceived. This is a site that supports all cast members.

Anonymous said...

1) I'm not sure why any of you would use this post, of all things, to criticize other actors (I suspect at least one or two posts are mere trolling); it is completely nonsensical to hate Anna Torv the person because of Peter Bishop the character or bash Olivia Dunham the character because of Joshua Jackson the person and so forth. In any case, congratulations to John for getting at least some of the recognition that he deserves, and congratulations to the entire cast and crew for putting together a great first half to the season (in my opinion, anyway).

2) The Masked Scheduler just responded to a question on Twitter with an answer that surprised me somewhat - he said that executives do take Hulu into account when making decisions about the value of shows. So if you're worried about the chances of Fringe, know that watching it on Hulu does make something of a difference.


Zepp said...

I do not want to get into the commonplace, boring, repetitive, and ululating obvious, but I repeat: all the actors of the first line of Fringe, are important, they all are great actors, without distinction to A or B . The characters, Walter, Peter and Olivia, aka, Peter, Walter and Olivia, as well, Olivia, Peter and Walter are the soul, are the main point of the plots developed in the universes of Fringe. In any situation, no one, for me, everything loses its primary sense, loses Fringe. Earlier this 4th season, I was lost without the "existence" of Peter. His return, everything started to get right, the "house" was getting ready. Walter (John), Peter (Josh) and Olivia (Anna), are like something indivisible, when there is a lack of one, does not exist, Fringe, for me.

fringeobsessed said...

Thank you for sharing that info from the Masked Scheduler(who is very cool) about the network execs taking viewing traffic into account re:determingin the popularity of TV shows.

If you are reading this comment, please considering watching a few or several episodes of Fringe on during the remainder of this hiatus.

Anonymous said...

Fringe season 1 and mostly season 2 was mostly about the Bishop Boys, Walter and Peter, with Olivia as go-between and Anna Torv sacrificing herself for them and as a result was badly treated by part of the media, simply because her character was not given a decent story line and Olivia Dunham is an introverted woman.
In season 3 she finally got her well deerved chance.

But since mr Jackson has done his media round during season 3, childishly complaining, we have this Anna Torv bashing by his fans.

I am hoping that Anna Torv will get her well deserved recognition by major awards, whenever she gets the material, she carries Fringe to new heights.

Konstatin said...

Well said as always, Rigid Airship!

But I must admit, the sniping from JJ's fangrrls (or one fangrrl's gaggle of sockpuppets, more likely) is starting to make me wonder if it wouldn't be worth it for Fringe to kill off Peter Bishop, just to be rid of them for good. They have no idea how their incessant braindead nastiness is turning serious Fringers away from JJ's character...

45 said...

Konstatin, the audience has been turning away from Peter the moment they did that stupid olivia/fauxlivia love triangle.

Anonymous said...

"With Anna Torv sacrificing herself"

I almost choked with this, it's hilarious! Between Patty, the Josh troll and you, Anto, the Torv troll, you make this fandom so much fun! NOT!

I'm pretty sure the producers wanted to kill off Peter Bishop, Konstantin, they never made it a secret how little they care for the character and the actor, but they are not that brave. And seeing how S4 is going, getting rid of him wasn't such a good idea either.

Anonymous said...

anna torv is the best.
whithout her, there is no fringe.
john noble and joshua jackson are overated.

anna torv is hte best actress of our generation

Damian Garcia said...

Like Zepp said, Fringe does not have a main character. It has main CHARACTERS. There would be no Fringe without Olivia, Peter or Walter. Bashing one particular actor because they are getting just a little more screen time than another is childish and disrespectful to the show you supposedly love. Anna, Josh and John are all amazing and deserve all the praise possible. The writers don't favor one person over another and write the show around them. They work the show to include all three in a logical sense (story wise). Hating on Anna/Josh/John or any other actor on the show is hating on Fringe itself. And by doing this, you don't even deserve to be on this site commenting or calling yourself a "fan".

*phew* Sorry for ranting. Anyways, congrats John for your award!

rinnoboy said...

Congratulations to John Noble, who is truly overlooked in all awards everywhere for his talent in portraying multiple versions of Dr. Walter Bishop.

Zepp said...

Well, you know, Konstatin, that Peter has been "disappeared" or better, "never existed," by the secret pen of the Fringe writers. And it was no use, because Peter, somehow reappeared full existence, and better than before. I say this because he is Peter an "optimized" more active and more decisive, more prominently in this 4th season. Peter is now the "man". Any subject Fringe now, and there he is commanding the containment actions. I personally am enjoying this, this new attitude of the character Peter. But "out" in some way the character Peter, is the same as "turn off" the TV, when you start an episode. Without Peter, or without Walter or without Olivia, Fringe would be another, or else I would not know how to name or classify what it was. But Fringe is what would not. I think.

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