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'Fringe' is #2-Most Popular Shows on SpoilerTV for 2011

      Email Post       12/14/2011 08:37:00 AM      

On Monday SpoilerTV posted their  Most Popular TV Show of 2011 table,
and it's wonderful to see that Fringe is at #2 of 25.

The popularity score is based on "a calculation of Page Views, Video Plays, Poll Votes, Comments, Facebook Likes, Google+1's and Tweets."

Click here to see the SpoilerTV Most Popular Shows of 2011 table, and to read the article.

Congratualtions to Fringe!


DarkUFO said...

Thanks for posting! Yep, it shows just what a dedicated online fanbase Fringe has.

fringeobsessed said...

Sure does Dark, and thanks, as always, for all you and your crew do at SpoilerTV to support the show and keep us informed. :)

James said...

Yeah great that it has a huge online presence but it does not mean anything to the live audience. I know why those ratings are so bad, they have betrayed their audience.

I see that Josh Jackson being dissed by the show runners Pinkner and Wyman has taken its toll on the ratings...they did not know about the Where is Peter campaigne until Fox told them! Josh Jackson has said in an interview that his character is a MacGuffin and he is frustrated. The Fringe producers have said that Peter is part of the DNA and he will be the focus and yet that has not happened. They are basically calling him and MacGuffin in interviews. Basically they just have no clue on how much they are alienating some fans who like Peter or love Peter.

This show is getting embarassing this season, not just the ratings but the overall quality. They have no clue how distasteful and obnoxious they have become. If the reset from last season wasa not bad enough then this weak 7 episodes does not help. People keep harping on that episode 8 will fix everything but 1 episode does not an arc make....does 2 episodes of Chuck in season 3 (episode 13/14) make up for the 12 rubbish episodes that preceded it? NO!!!!!!!!

I look forward to Josh in other shows nest season or another movie. Anything but this contrived rubbish.

45 said...

James, You said it all. Fringe does not deserve the attention it is getting when it alienates fans.

trent said...

@ James

You are right, online presence often doesn't correlate with viewership. Supernatural took the #1 spot and its ratings are even lower. It is a phenomenon I've often seen with shows, that are considered good and geeky (Fringe, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica...), but that can't boast of a large audience. Fans are more obsessive and active online. Polls are won, they post lots of comments in articles and forum activity is very high. Unfortunately that doesn't mean much, because that activity is from fans worldwide, not only from the US. The way ratings are measured is completely obsolete and it needs to change, but I don't think they will figure this out, before there is a massacre of small but quality shows.

I also agree with the rest of your post. As a Josh Jackson/Peter fan, I do feel betrayed. I'm still watching, but in my circle of (former?) Fringe fans, I am the only one left. I have read countless posts from disgruntled fans, who are very angry and disappointed, that they chose to bury Peter into oblivion and that they still use him as a background character, after they brought him back. They have never cared for Peter and they never will, it shows in the writing, it shows in their disdain for the character and even maybe Joshua Jackson and it definitely shows in their contempt for his fans. They only care about the Olivia, Walter and Lincoln fans, they will cater to them and they will fulfill their every wish.

But it's not only Peter, they added one betrayal on top of another betrayal: the reset, the way 3 seasons of storyline and character development have been thrown down the drain, because something new and shiny took their fancy. I'm still watching, because of what it was and what it could have been. I'm stuck with these uninspired new characters, that make me feel nothing at best and repulsion at worst. Peter is the only character I'm rooting for and the one I want to watch, but the writers decided that he should stay far back in the background, where he doesn't disturb their darlings.

James said...

The worst thing is that they have just not learned from their mistakes. In the season 2 finale after so much build up over the previous 2 seasons Peter just decided in 4 minutes of screen time that he had to go back to the blue universe. There was no nuance to the story telling at all. The same can be said in Those we left behind....he just decided without any buildup in one episode that this is not his universe...no nuance at all built into the decision. It is like the characters have to be somewhere and the Fringe people use Peter to get there. There is no sutlety to any of it and it is like the show hammering in Stakes in the ground and going from A to B to C and just hammering in those stakes into the ground with no investment in what has come before and what is going to happen in the future. How can they expect fans to be invested in such contrived and dubious storytelling methods? I dare you or anyone to actually chart Peters growth as a character....all his decisions are baseless...why go into the machine, because he saw a picture and was curious? come on!!!!! Why do anything he does....yes he loves the people in his life, but why does he love them? He spent the first 2 seasons tollerating Walter and what his experiments did to other people and then when he found out that Walter betrayed him they just straight away fixed that with one line of dialogue...you travelled twice to a different universe and so that should count for something!!!!!! Come on? how about making Walter fix the trust issues and mistakes? Then his romance with Olivia was only ever done so that they had a reason to bring him back. There is no chemistry, they were friends and then suddenly she was into him and he into her???? There is no path or logic or reason to this, yes they were friends and becoming very good ones based on working well together, but romance? no!

Nothing Peter does is built on anything but plot needs and mechanics and they wonder why no critics have time or energy for the show and why it does or never will make a top ten list. They will not win an emmys too because they just have no idea how to carry a show from one season to the next. To make it worse fans are leaving a lot too! Community in one episode 3.04 did a better job on timelines than they have ever done. Community's second season was a brilliant way to set up stories and pay them off and they are a sitcom!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love Josh Jackson to

I'm still watching fringe live but peter has to come the 1 main character in season 4 .

the writers of fringe They only care about olivia & Lincoln and the fans of peter they have noting i hope episode 8 will be the peter episode

James said...

I forgot to mention...When Olivia came back they had Walter! Walter! tell Peter that he should be honest with Olivia and tell her the truth....oh come on! In what world has Walter any right to tell Peter on what is morally right or wrong? Where does he get off telling Peter to tell Olivia the truth, it was the right decision but this just again a quick fix so that they could avoid the Peter/Olivia relationship that was built on weak foundations to begin with. This all happened in one episode and it is just so weak that I do not understand how they could just take these awful choices. Pinkner and Wyman are just not that smart, they really are not.

Pinkner, Wyman when fans get upset it is not because they are invested it is because they do not like or understand where a story is going...that is why they are leaving, why your ratings are going down! At least make an effort to arrest that slide by writing better material and actually giving better interviews that are not half assed! is that too much to expect?

fringeobsessed said...

"(Pinkner and Wyman)they did not know about the Where is Peter campaigne until Fox told them!"

Absolutely NOT true, James. Go look at JH Wyman's tweets on Twitter and you will see he knew about the video before the FOX executives showed it at a meeting. Why do I know this? Because I sent the video link to Pinkner & Wyman the day it was posted on YouTube(and I'm sure I was not the only one to do so.)

All of you here certainly have a right to vent your frustrations. We want yout to speak freely here.

James, I am sorry you and trent are so unhappy with Season 4 thus far. I would suggest you rewatch episodes 401-407 if you haves't had the chance, as it is almost impossible to 'know' a Fringe episode by viewing it just once.

And I hope you stick around when 'the ride' resumes on January 13th. Why? I think it's gonna be a doozy.

James said...

Well that tells us something new! Firstly Pinkner and Wyman said in an interview that they did not know about the Where is Peter Biship? video until Fox showed it to them. So that means possibly that whoever tweeted to you on that day was not JH Wyman and maybe one of his lackys who they hire to do all their public relation work. I mean do you really think most actors and people in Hollywood actually all the time reply to every fan?

In the end either Joel did reply to you or they were lying in the interview when they said they did not know about it....but again why would they lie about no knowing about the video...it makes them look incredibly bad.

Kort said...

Mandy Patinkin left Criminal Minds and Chicago Hope based on creative differences. Why does Josh not threaten to do the same. I mean how can any actor not want more screen time. This affects his career to have a show so blattently disrespect him so much. I mean is he not concerned that future show runners and producers now see him as a second fiddle character actor? He has so much talent that he deserves more than this and he is not getting it.

trent said...

@ James

Let's be fair now, I'll grant you that Peter's decision to go back to the blueverse was too sudden and I wish they had done a better job with the writing, but he's not the only character that suffered from inexplicable behavior. Take Olivia for example. She spent 2 years being civil to Peter at best and openly disliking him at worst and for some unfathomable reason, she decided she liked him enough to start a relationship with him in the last 20 minutes of the S2 finale. From no feelings whatsoever, other than a bond that was based more on cold tolerance than friendship on her part to love in a single episode. Any friendship and love had always been one-sided, Peter was the one going out of his way to help her and be close to her. If you ask me, Peter's behavior made more sense, because he had been obviously in love with her for a long time and that was his chance to have a relationship. I wish that hadn't been his only reason and I wish they hadn't rushed it, but that would have implied getting into his head and the producers would never want that.

I disagree that there wasn't any build up to his belief that this is not his universe. It is right there in the episode and it was one of those rare times the writers allowed us a glimpse into Peter's head, which only happened once or twice before. The reason he believes this is not his universe is that neither Walter or Olivia feel anything for him. That's why he asked if Olivia felt anything in her dreams, because if there was any connection between them, she would have felt something, but she didn't. Therefore, in his mind, that couldn't be his Olivia or his universe. That doesn't mean he's right, but his reasoning had build-up. This kind of focus on Peter is exactly, what the fans have been asking for ages, but sadly it was dropped, as soon as the episode ended and I doubt we will see any more of it. We have only had 3 episodes centered on Peter in the whole series. How sad is that?

You say he went into the machine, because he saw a picture and was curious and while I understand your frustration with the writers, I have no idea how you could ever come to this conclusion if you watched S3. Are you joking perhaps? I'm asking, because S3 showed exactly the opposite. He was curious about the machine, yes, but he never went into it because of that. He feared it, he didn't want to use it at all and he said so several times throughout the season. The reason he went into it is because Walternate used his machine to destroy the blueverse. It was self-defense.

And really, are you going into the reasons he loved Walter? As far as he knew, he was his father and like every relationship, it evolves. It went from resentment to love, slowly but surely, over one season and in S2 it was clear Peter loved Walter and liked taking care of him. From all the storylines, this was the most beautifully developed and well written. Granted it was viewed from Walter's point of view mostly, but there was growth from both characters and it was earned. I think it's horrible and unforgivable that once Peter knew the truth, the writers didn't give a flying fig about Peter's feelings and that they made it all about Walter and Olivia, like they always do, but before that, there is no other storyline I enjoyed more. Not that it matters, because that story has been deleted with the rest of S1-S3. Bye bye father/son hard earned relationship!

My frustration comes from the fact that the producers say all these grand things about Peter, because they know his fans are frustrated with good reason, but in the end it's just misdirection to content the fans, until the truth comes out: they just can't bring themselves to care. We are 7 episode into S4 and the only changes have been for the worst for the character, they couldn't put him on a shelve fast enough, while the other characters continued the story without him. Betrayal doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.

trent said...

@ Kort

Joshua Jackson has been cast in another movie. I don't know what that means for his role on Fringe, because I have no idea about the filming schedule.

James said...

But again Walter had no right to ask Peter to do the morally right thing when Walter is a villain who put the need of his own above billions of others. You can say he has his reasons but it still does not come across well for me. Also Peter asking Olivia if she cares about him or Walter just ignoring him in one episode is not long enough! It is as I say a short cut on top of a short cut. Look this series did one good serialised arc in season 3 other than that they are a procedural. A show that has no consequences built him and one that can scrap it's entire history is a procedural like ncis. Ncis producer said he does not like serialised storytelling he prefers small arcs.... That is what fringe is a show based on small arcs and that is why the whole shows does not connect together well like the wire or mad men or even breaking bad.

James said...

To be honest the only people who care about Peter other than fans is FOX. How depressing that pinkner and wyman were fighting them so hard to keep him off screen. I mean even though fox made them bring him back he still is not really being used and probably will ve used. One episode is not an arc. Episode 8 better give him something to do or they face their ratings going well below 1.0. I pedict even chuck ending up higher than them and that says something!

45 said...

You know, considering the way they write Peter episodes, it will certainly be a "Peter" episode but at the end of the day, Olivia will probably will get all the credit for it. Look at the track record, Peter finds out the secret, he leaves and then Olivia gets trapped over there, Peter tells Olivia his secret and she turns into Bellivia, Peter gets zapped by the machine and its OLIVIA who turns it off so now, Peter will probably get some action scenes but its going to be what the observer tells Olivia that will get all the attention and she will be the "special" one again.

Now for all those people who will probably come on here and say how "peter is not the only character on the show, this is an ensemble show", where were you when seasons 1, 2 and 3 was all about Walter and Olivia?

James said...

They have already written themselves towards cancellation 45. Fans know who and what they are and have accordingly left. This is their last season and thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

I don't know.
I agree with you to an extent.
Their handling with characters is terrible. But it's not just Peter...look at Broyles, look Nina....you hardly realize they are still part of the show. This season is really only about Olivia (at least understandable, she IS the main character since the beginning) and Lincoln (absolutely NOT understandable and unbearable).
Get rid of Lincoln, please. He's just NOT watchable.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that Peter is a main character, too. They've always said this show has 3 main characters: Olivia, Peter and Walter, but this has been only true for Olivia and Walter, while Peter has been forgotten. I don't think Peter should be in any way comparable to Broyles and Nina, who are secondary characters and yet he's been treated like them most of the time. That doesn't mean I don't want more screentime for them, I really do. I think that Nina works better in small doses as a mysterious figure, but she should definitely be used more often.

Lincoln... where to begin with him? The fact, that they replaced Peter with Lincoln and that they are giving him, what they never bothered to give Peter: a storyline and focus into his feelings and thoughts, is beyond insulting. Was it worth it? Did the replacement work? Did the ratings go up? All I know is that this choice has alienated a bunch of fans and that I have to fast-forward through all his scenes, because he is unbearable.

James said...

As I said wyman and pinkner have finally written themselves towards cancellation and you can tell. They do not care.

45 said...

Oh here we go with Olivia being the main character nonsense, that doesnt mean that they should just forget about Peter and act like Olivia is the only one matters.
I don't know, if Olivia was actually more LIKEABLE which she isn't, I would enjoy the show more. They ruined Peter just to prove a point that peter is a horrible guy towards olivia and olivia is soooo perfect and wonderful who can do no wrong and mostly everyone resents him for it.

James said...

Look! They know they are done they are planning their story accordingly.

aydee said...

Wow, I am so disappointed with most of the posts on here. As a true Fringe fan, I find it awful that everyone is dissing the producers and stars of this show.

FYI - Josh Jackson has said in MANY interviews that he sat down with Pinker & Wyman to come up with the S3 finale so they could set things up in S4 for Peter. Remember, the theme for S4 is "Where is Peter Bishop?".

About the relationship with Peter & Olivia. There has always been an underlying attraction between these two, so whoever thinks there is no chemistry between these two is crazy. These two characters can talk to each other without saying one word. Josh & Anna have perfected the whole "talking with their eyes" thing. Don't you people pay attention to these things?

I will watch Fringe until the very end & look forward to all the amazing twists & turns that will happen this season. Have some faith in the producers, people. And have some patience, too.

All of the actors on this show are fantastic. Give credit where credit is due - to EACH & EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!

trent said...

Here we go with the "true fan" antics. Look, I'm sorry you're disappointed that not all fans think like you, but some of us are not happy with how they keep sidelining and forgetting one of the main characters, who is one of the draws for many fans, whether they like it or not. I haven't dissed the actors, but the producers are the ones responsible for the characters and they are responsible for their words. What they've been saying about Peter hasn't matched the reality, so I don't think calling them out on their own words is out of place.

FYI - I know that Josh Jackson said that he helped with the S3 finale. He also said that his character is a MacGuffin (plot device) and that says a lot of about the writing and how they treat the character. I remember perfectly well that they promoted S4 with "Where is Peter Bishop", but can you really say they've been tackling the matter at all? Because I don't see it. They used him to promote S4, but they haven't used him in the show that much. What they've given us is "Peter Bishop who?" and "Nobody cares about Peter Bishop". Have they explained anything about him? Where he was or why he appeared in this timeline? No, and there is not the slightest indication that they're going to explain anything, because the characters themselves couldn't care less. Out of 7 episodes, only one focused on him, which was promptly ditched to focus on Lincoln and Olivia, which is what this season is about. The promotion centered on Peter was complete misdirection.

You've always seen attraction between Peter and Olivia. I always saw it as one-sided, Olivia did little else than being a cold fish to him. Her sudden love for him in the S2 finale came out of nowhere.

I'm happy that you're enjoying the season and that everything is perfect for you, to each their own, but I don't understand why you think my criticism on how they keep mistreating and sidelining one of the main characters has no basis. I think they've given me more than enough reason to feel betrayed and disappointed.

Lexia 3 said...

I would recommend you to come up with posts a bit a lot more often.

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