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"Fringe Binge" Begins 12/26:Are You In?

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Someone on Tumblr started this and I don't know who.
There is a worldwide appeal for people to start watching all 72 episodes of Fringe via DVD tomorrow, December 26th at 8AM EST.
The idea is for Fringe fans around the world to all watch our show at the same time.

Use the links below to check the viewing timetable for your country:

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FringeBinge2011

On Tumblr: http://fringebinge.tumblr.com/

Also, the FringeBinge people on Twitter are asking if you participate to use the special #fringebinge hashtag.

You can also check into all 72 episodes at getglue.com.

Enjoy the FringeBinge. Don't forget to take some breaks!


Foodacker - Customise your favorite foods and cheat the calories! said...

Also on Google+ we can use the #fringebinge hashtag!

Jenea (Ann) said...

of course I am....b'coz it's also my b'day today!!!!

Reinbeast said...

I'll start when everyone gets to season 1, ep 16 or so. That's about where I stopped in September. Just too busy since. Can't wait to get to the season 2 extras.

fringeobsessed said...

Happy Birthday! What a cool way to spend it. :)

cortexifan said...

anneudge - Happy Birthday.
I just finished all of them last night. Going to start over again :)

milostanfield said...

@ cortexifan

(apologies for being a bit off topic)- since you have probably watched the whole Fringe cycle more than anyone, when do you watch the never aired "Unearthed"? Since Charlie is still alive it is obviously in Season One. Where do you feel "Unearthed" fits best in Season One? I've placed it between "Midnight" (1.18) and "Road Not Taken" (1.19), but I kinda feel it should be earlier. It's a standalone so maybe it doesn't matter. Any thoughts? TIA

cortexifan said...

@ milostanfield, oops I forgot that one. I don't watch that one really often because it's problaby my least favorite. I think it's definately earlier than Midnight. Olivia seems happier. Maybe even before she found out about the cortexitrials.
Guess I'll watch it tonight.

fringeobsessed said...

milostanfield and cortexifan,
I have to tell you, I'm not sure where I'd put "Unearthed," but obviously I'd put it during Season 1 as you said since Charlie Francis is still alive.

I did not appreciate "Unearthed" until I watched it at least 2 more times.
That's when the foreshadowing in there about Bell being in Olivia, and other fun things from episode 319 "LSD" popped out at me.
My suggestion? Watch "Unearthed," and then right afterward watch "LSD." Even the character names are similar:Lisa Donovan, 'Livia Dunham.

milostanfield said...

What I liked best about "Unearthed" was the guest star who played Lisa Donavan. She had a real onscreen presence for a teen.

I can see the similarity with "LSD" and being inside other minds. The launch codes thing was similar to Broyles' earlier description of someone coming out of a coma and reciting real time Navy ship coordinates. This was when he was filling in Olivia about the "Pattern" in "Pilot".

Lisa flirting with Peter and telling Olivia to "make her move" puts this ep back in the era when they were still teasing Polivia. So I will stick "Unearthed" between 112 "The No-Brainer" and 113 "The Transformation", which are both standalones. "Safe" and "Bound", which preceed these eps are really a 2 parter ep. And "Ability", for me, is when the relationship between Olivia and Peter took a subtle turn toward being real. I'm referring to when Peter came back up on the roof when Olivia was defusing the bomb. So "Unearthed" is now 112a. Good a place as any.

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