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FRINGE-Fans Ask:What Would Your Dream Episode Be?

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Here's a new installment of the popular "Fans Ask Fringe" video series, where a real fan question is answered by some of the cast.
This week's question:What would your dream episode be?


Anonymous said...

I would totally love a Fringe/24 crossover, where Oliva, Jack, Peter, Chloe and Walter would work together in a real-time, universe-crossing fight against terrorism. Fringe and 24's FBI would be mixed for that occasion. Now that would be just beyond fangasmic !

Zepp said...

I like this crossover, the william130289. But the episode of "my dreams" would be a trip back in time. On this trip we would have to Olivia, Peter and Walter, going for 40 years, to meet the father of Walter, in Germany at the time of the 2nd world war, in order to "fix" something that, in theory, would happen in 2026 (in chaotic future that Peter has been). And getting there, being the father of Walter's lab, and found there, the Astrid (that time) as the head of the place. This would more or less, the episode of my dreams.

milostanfield said...

@ zepp

Awesome idea for a time travel ep! If you remember from "The Bishop Revival", Alfred Hoffman, the villain in that ep, had not aged since he worked with Bishop's father. So there could have been others who "time traveled" to 2026 the hard way, by living long enough to be there.

Of course John Noble would play himself as well as his own father, like with Walter/Walternate. That alone would be worth it. I would like to see ALL the stars playing characters from the 1940's and their present characters at the same time in your fantasy ep. Torv channeled Claire Trevor in "Brown Betty". She could give Marlene Dietrich a whirl in this ep. Peter would be an American soldier working with the underground resistance, so Josh Jackson could play two parts at the same time for the first time.

I would cast Astrid as an underground French Resistance fighter (packing heat!) since the racism of that time would not allow someone like Astrid to live, much less run a science lab. Same for Lance Reddick unfortunately. He would make a great Nazi General who has a crisis of conscience.

There would also be the whole "what if changing the past changes the future" issue to have fun with. I remember "Star Trek Voyager" doing a WWII ep using the holodeck. It had Nazis, aliens, and alternate versions of the main characters as well. A fun ep. Are you listening, J.J.?

Zepp said...

@ milostanfield

Truly a journey through time, is something that stirs our imagination. And it was just this episode, with the villain Alfred Hofmann, who I had the idea, or the desire to watch an episode with a trip of three main characters of Fringe, the last one, until the late 40th, early in the 2nd World War.

I mentally see, after conducting a time travel, Walter, Olivia and Peter, coming at a train station (steam) in Berlin, looking for a hotel to stay. Year 1940. And so on. You're right, milostanfield, the Astrid, due to political problems at the time, could not have a prominent place, but rather part of the famous French Resistance, the Maquis. But it would be an ancestor of our Astrid, with another name, but the same face and connected in some way, the father of Walter. As the father of Walter, Peter could be the (older, with a mustache). Walter has already spoken once that Peter was very much like his grandfather, paternal. The Olivia, after the "Brown Betty", it seems to me more, be a kind of Marlene Dietrich, to me, too. And within that, with that air "femme fatale" the" frau "Olivia, could be a kind of lover, disguised as a hidden love of the father of Walter, more or less.

The photography of this scene (hypothetical) episode, recounting a trip back in time, would have to be design and layout, colors and nuances of the Brown Betty, or even, in a beautiful classic black and white, like the movie: Schindler's List.

But an episode (s) of these would move, shake, the whole cast of Fringe, and all of us fans, no doubt.

milostanfield said...

@ zepp " As the father of Walter, Peter could be the (older, with a mustache)."

Yes! Brilliant stroke. Much more surprising than John Noble playing his father.

I could go for a Black & White shooting of this idea too. When I watch "Brown Betty" I usually turn down the color on my TV to get more of a classic film noir feel. Not perfect grayscale but close enough. They should have done the story part of BB in B&W, and left the labs scenes with Walter, Ella, and Astrid, in color. Maybe they could structure your ep as a fantasy within a story like "Brown Betty". That would give them more freedom with casting.

I think you should pitch your ep to J.J.

Zepp said...

@ milostanfield

These ideas about the possibility of an episode, which showed a trip to a time in the past, more precisely at the time we lived the father of Walter, would be great! It would be a challenge to the production of Fringe, preparation of lease, makeup, clothing, atmosphere, take us to that time of the 2nd World War. Also these would be in an episode of FOX's motto of disclosures, that is: Fringe> past - present - future!

I thought it was just me that was a bit "crazy" milostanfield! I, like you, I also use the device of taking the TV mode "color" to watch certain movies or episodes of TV shows that are set in times past. I do this, too, to give that "tone" of old movie, or even with the depth of a plastic "Noir." But the technique itself, my, when I take the color of the TV, put another 10 to 20% contrast, without touching the brightness. Thus, the image is closer, with those old movies.

Have you considered the interactions of Peter and Olivia, with its projections as the father of Walter, and "Frau" Olivia, as it were, a mysterious lover. It would be great, watching the different work together on these four distinct characters, provided by actors Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson?

It would be a priceless opportunity, a dream!

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