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Video - An Interview with Anna Torv

      Email Post       7/18/2011 10:50:00 AM      

Here's a new interview with Anna Torv, it doesn't contain spoilers so feel free to watch it.


45 said...

Blah, blah, Blah *Fingers in my ears* Don't care what miss perfect has to say.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahha, your one funny dude 45 xDxD

Anonymous said...

45. Honestly, now, How old are you?

Anonymous said...


Why have you not been banned from Fringetelevision?

Anonymous said...

lol. It's funny how someone who doesn't care is quick to watch the vid and is the first one to comment. I consider myself a huge Fringe fan, but i gotta say, despite all the complaining 45/Kate/123pearlsmile participates in Fringe related posts more then I do!

Anonymous said...

@Anon above
yeah! it's like it's the only thing she does.....

Anonymous said...

hahahah, that's right, lol, have anybody saw the blog 45 owns?

this is the name: KILL OFF PETER BISHOP! HE IS NOTHING!, and the link

Hhahahahaha, this guy has to much free time I guess, ahahahahhaha

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