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Fringe - New Interview with Anna Torv

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Here's a new interview with Anna Torv where she talks about her character and more.

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finalauthority said...

Excuse me... but why the hell is this in
Spanish? Makes a lot of people mad, including me.

Anonymous said...

It's in Italian, since it's an Italian program, genius. It makes no one mad except little ol' insular you. But why should you care anyway? Torv's part of the interview is completely in English...or didn't you watch?

feddd said...

really? so all the fans of fringe that speak in spanish or italian and see every interview in english should get mad?. That's the most stupid comment ever dude :(

M said...

Ah yes, Fringe Fans...gotta love'em

Anonymous said...

this is the best conversation ever - quibbling over a meaningless interview in split languages. remember that the show is american, produced by jews, the stars are australian and canadian, it is shot in canada, and half the show is about an alternate universe - the whole deal is in english, yet england has nothing to do with any of it and none of these nations serve the royal crown (which needs to evaporate into antiquity) -- then some fan awards show groupee in italy asks a few inane questions?
who cares!
when just one of the non-english speaking (socialist, over-taxing, corrupt government) nations on this already overcrowded planet starts making ANY film or television worth watching - then guess what? i will ask my questions in american - and i will fully expect my answers in whatever armpit-scratching, knuckle-dragging, jibber-jabber they want to answer in.

- Crab Man

fakey said...

why it's in funny talk?

Sarmen said...

I would have liked it if they posted an English version as well as this Italian version or at least put subtitles. Although there was English in this, I still would've liked to know what was said in the Italian parts.

Maybe it's my ignorance, but why does it say USA TV and then have Italian in it?

Any way, thanks for posting. I love Fringe.

Anonymous said...

How can someone be so stupid, Fringe is made in north America OK, so what ? This TV show has fans in many many countries in the world, and this is definitely why this serie was "saved" and renewed, because of all its fans from everywhere, because if we look at the US ratings, american would have let this serie die, as they don't like what is different, I mean different programs, different languages, different people, but god damned that's what make life worth it, and if we could get rid of religions we all would be as one, so let's share what we have in common, for example FRINGE ! A french fan...

cortexifan said...

I think it's great that Fringe gets international attention. We as fans should be proud of that instead of fighting over different languages. I first started watching Fringe in Germany, dubbed so I had no clue which country the actors are from. It didn't matter, I loved Fringe from the beginning. And now living in the States I can't get enough of everything Fringe.
I also think it's cool that Anna gave up her vacation to do that and promote Fringe in a way I have not heard anyone else promote. She is always genuinely excited talking about Fringe, the writers, the whole cast and us fans.
So, Anna, thank you. Keep up the excellent work.
So I am looking forward to Sep 23rd. Anyone else?
Fringe Rocks!

45 said...

I am not looking forward to a Peter less season 4 where John and Anna will get to play yet ANOTHER version of their characters and have emmy nominations, no freaking thanks.

TronFan said...

Ha Ha! ROFLOL - Crab Man. That is hilarious. You made my day with that little pep talk.

Anonymous said...

Hhahahaha, come u guys, u have to learn to be more tolerant with everybody no matter what language they speak :)

At the end Fringe is Fringe, and that is what we love right?

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD she wasn't speaking 'FROG'. Can't stand Frogtown talk. Par le voux frog?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe people in 2011 are arguing about languages. or wait.... I can't believe they're not arguing about languages everyday. Because that's what we are. stupid creatures. That's why we'll never ever change, help each other,cooperate, and be one. This just isn't happening. Even Fringe can't unify us... I guess... and I hope that's not True....

Fringe Fan

Anonymous said...

In English .. In French ,In Italian ,In Spanish , In Hebrew in any language on earth .. as long as it's fringe I don't care .

And thank you Anna for your wonderful acting and promoting the show you are one of the rare brilliant actress out there in the world , god bless you where ever you are .


Fringie6989 said...

Amen Real1 and Fringe Fan!
I am really hoping that all this arguing is because we are all suffering from Fringe withdrawals because this has to be the most insane argument yet. Getting upset because the beginning of the video is in another language!?? The interview is in English, what does it matter about the beginning before she even starts talking? Its Fringe! I am so grateful for every little piece of information we are getting for it, regardless of what language it is in. I personally know fans around the world, plus millions of others that love Fringe. Without that worldwide support, we might not even be getting a season 4.

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