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Fringedom Wants A FRINGE-CON!

      Email Post       7/12/2011 07:06:00 PM      

This afternoon, a fellow Fringe fan started a petition on Twitter, also known as a 'twitition,' for FOX Broadcasting's parent company, Warner Brothers, to start a Fringe Convention(henceforth, Fringe-Con).

As Walter Bishop would say, "This is fantastic news!"

The twitition creator says that by signing you are "strongly encouraging Warner Brothers to start a convention just for Fringe."

"Sign this Petition if:-You live in Fringedom-You are a huge fan of Fringe-You want Warner Brothers to know how big and Universal Fringe's Fan base is.-You believe that Fringe should have its own Convention.-You believe that there will be a hole in the universe if WB doesn't Create Fringe-Con."

If that sounds good to you, please use the link below and sign the petition.
Remember, every great journey begins with a single step!


cortexifan said...

Sorry, don't do twitter but I'm all for it. Can we have it in the center of the States to make travel equal for all :)

Unknown said...

We're looking into the possibility of several, maybe even international. Right now, the idea is to show that there is interest.

Anonymous said...

Shame it`s not gonna be in the Europe.


jophan said...

Someone doesn't know how SF cons work. The fans create them, not the studio/publisher. To keep it cheap(er), the best thing would be to sponsor a party suite at Worlcon (Reno, 8/17-22), DragonCon (Atlanta, 9/2-5), World Fantasy Con (San Diego, 10/27-30) or one of the regionals.

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