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Joshua Jackson Announcing The 2011 Emmys Nominations

      Email Post       7/14/2011 12:08:00 PM      

Here's Josh Jackson annoucing the Emmys Nominations.


Anonymous said...

That was adorable. Josh is such a classy man. He must have been very disappointed that John Noble didn't get a nomination.

I was hoping for a nomination for John, but he was snubbed once again. I feel so bad for him!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, John gets to play 3 different Walters, gets emmy buzz, everybody loves him while Josh doesn't get any love, no different characters to play and you feel sorry for John.

Anonymous said...

AND josh and his character doesn't exist.

Whiskers said...

You can't deny that John is a phenomenal actor, Anonymous.
But I do agree, Josh should receive more recognition. John and Anna are great, but Josh is too. The entire cast and crew of FRINGE is amazing.

Amparo said...

Please people, come vote for Fringe on this internet poll. We have to show everybody that Fringe has lots of dedicated fans in the web:

(Sorry for the off-topic)

cortexifan said...

Amparo, thanks for doing that. If the Emmy's won't recognize the awesomeness of Fringe, the fans do. Already voted.

Anonymous said...

the emmys aren't merit based
how does a show as stupid as mike and molly even get nominated, a sitcom whose only joke and perminant running gag is two fat people fall in love, hell at this rate perhaps "Heil Honey I'm home" would get a nom.
Jon Hamm gets another nom for the most boring show amc's side of PBS and Law and order SVU's Olivia got a nom, this show has been on for 12 years, I can't have a classy opinion when the emmys do not screem for more variety, they nominate the same shit every single year, most awards ceremonys are bloody snowglobes.

Anonymous said...

... in fact I would go so far as to assume that they wanted to rub it in his face

a show that's cheap laughs and cheap parlor writing tricks would always get more recognition than a genius show that provokes thought and has a decent writing crew.

Maíra Leão said...

Why was Joshua laughing?

fringeaddict said...

anon 6:28am....couldn't have said it better myself.
The Emmy's are a crock!

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