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Joshua Jackson Shares His Favorite Peter Theory At Comic Con

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Anonymous said...

This is the most briliant interview I`ve ever seen with Josh Jackson. I was surprised to find out that it was partialy his decision to remove Peter from the existance. Funny though when we remember how that little girl under different nicks always tries to blame writers and everyone else but not Josh Jackson for that move in the story line :-D.


FringeFrogee said...

Great interview. Certainly shoots down a lot of the concerns the Josh fans have voiced. So great to hear both the actor and the writers working on the character development, even if it may mean the actor has to backseat for it a bit (hopefully not too long). How often would you see an actor take that stand – it really highlights what a strong relationship these guys have and what a great actors they have on board.

Good on you Josh, you really have this character nailed.

Anonymous said...

Josh is awesome. great interview!

45 said...

Bluesboy, that is NOT the point of this. This is not JUST about Peter not existing, Josh has done NOTHING this entire season and all his storylines have been dropped prompting everyone to bash his acting and his character. I don't care if Josh had a hand in not having Peter exist, its the writers job not to have Josh just sit on his ass for 3 months while everyone else gets to play a third version of their characters and john and anna get all the awards.

Joshua Jackson gets no credit for this show and that's final.

45 said...

FringeFrogee, Josh has ALWAYS taken a backseat to EVERYTHING for 3 darn years. what are you talking about?

Liesel said...

I have to say that Josh's comments about P/O completely baffle me because I haven't interpreted their interactions the way he's spoken about them at all. For instance, saying that his connection with Over There Olivia was instant while "nothing happened" with Our Olivia is ridiculous. Hello, they nearly kissed in S2 and would've if Olivia hadn't pulled back at the last second because she realised she was scared. They went out on a freaking date for crying out loud and it was obvious Peter was into her for a long time, it was Olivia's reserved nature and past that made her hold back.

I dunno, I don't like listening to Josh talk about P/O because what I've seen onscreen doesn't track with his opinion at all. I don't care if he doesn't like them, but I never would've guessed it from the way he acts, which is a good thing I guess.

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