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Fringe Teaser 2: Where is Peter Bishop?

      Email Post       7/29/2011 09:09:00 AM      

Here is the second "Where Is Peter Bishop?" teaser from Fox.

Here is teaser #1.


Anonymous said...

i think that if peter never existed, Walter probably would not have gonne to St. Clare's in the first place e probably is a very powerfull man and the real owner of Massive Dynamic. I dont think he is the nice guy he is nowadays.

Anonymous said...

i think so to beacuse in one episode olivia says walter going to the mental insttushon made him a better father

Anonymous said...

I think that,

After watching the teaser over and over again, I am pretty sure Peter exists, but he has gone somewhere else. The question is always the same "Where is Peter Bishop?", meaning he exists,not "Does Peter Bishop exist?"or "Ïs Peter Bishop still among us?" meaning he ceased to exist.

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