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Joshua Jackson - Season 3 DVD/Blu-Ray Promo

      Email Post       7/18/2011 05:34:00 PM      

Here's Joshua Jackson promoting Season 3 DVD and Blu-Ray


45 said...

Why is Josh promoting Fringe? They gave his job to seth freaking gabel.

Unknown said...

Because they didn't give his job to Seth Gabel. If anything, Seth got Kirk Acevedo's old job... Plus, Josh is a class act. Maybe you should ask him yourself ;)

Anonymous said...

And again the first to watch the video is you 45, hahahahahahha

Anonymous said...

I don't think Joshua Jackson is a good actor, expect if he has been asked not to show any feelings, regrets or love. And I think Olivia deserves better than this cold man named Peter.

45 said...

And Anna torv is a selfish little girl who cares only about herself and josh deserves a better female lead. You insult my fave actor, I'll insult yours.

Anonymous said...

To 45, be more focussed, I said EXCEPT IF, OK ?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 8:01am
Having seen him in some other roles, i dont think hes a bad actor and I think its likely hes been told too act restrained, isnt that part of his character? if not, then i agree with you hes not great. Relating to your comment about P/O i think its fairly obvious neither anna torv or JJ wanted anything to do with it and tht anna torv was just more professional about it and really tried in all scenes, tbh if i was JJ and had done 100's of episodes in dawsons creek on soppy romance and love triangles i wouldnt wanna do it either. Feel free to disagree. 45 I dont know who you are, but no offence you are making a few ppl not like JJ purely because your being really OTT about everything!!!!

Anonymous said...

45, you insult your favorite actor quite often too, so don't be offended if others like that anon you replied to do the same. By the way, if you dislike Anna Torv so much, why do you watch videos of her?

I agree that P/O don't make a good couple, but I don't think it's only Jackson's fault. Torv has been decidedly awkward and unconvincing in the intimate scenes with Peter. She has been very clear on her dislike of the romance with Peter and of him as a character (not very professional if you ask me) and that shows in her acting. Olivia looks decidedly uncomfortable instead of in love in her scenes with Peter and I found her "I love you" and final kiss rather badly acted. However, I know many people find them very good in that regard, so this is another case of reality is a matter of perception.

Anonymous said...

Im the anonymous at 10:06 am
I really value the opinion you just offered anon at 10:33 i find myself agreeing. What annoys me is that the wyman and pinkner are either ignorant to or ignoring the fact that neither of the actors want to do it and are not particuarly good at making it feel real, i find myself thinking back to JJ saying "brother and sister" i think that the show itself would have benefited majorly if that route was taken with P/O. The exec's have also had oppourtunities such as "marionette" to end the P.O relationship forever and to start the friendship angle, and for some reason they seem to be under the impression the love triangle was a good idea! again feel free to disagree, i dont usually comment and am just voicing my opinion. Finally, ill add that i believe the focus on P/O and no one on our team being able to recognise fauxlivia as an imposter both damaged peters character in the eyes of basically all fans and that it caused the anna torv/olivia and JJ/peter divide between fans which is quite pathetic. What is a great show and can continue to be, is taking unnerving steps to becoming a sci fi soap opera!

45 said...

Anonymous at 10:06 am

I love it when people say I, a big old troll with nothing better to do, can actually influence the way people look at Josh, as if THEY can't shape their own opinions. You people give me way too much power. If I am able to stop people from liking Josh then they never liked Josh to begin with.

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