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FRINGE-"?" Teaser One (Video)

      Email Post       7/15/2011 11:43:00 AM      

Fringe video master and all around good guy, Ari Margolis, tweeted the link for this first, Season 4 YouTube teaser by FOX Broadcasting.

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JT. said...

Okay so the flashes show us #WhereIsPeter or #WhereIsPeterBishop and it'll probably mean something. It can't be #WhereIsPeter?Bishop because in Twitter if u enter a ? it stops the hashtags which is why I think it's #WhereIsPeter. There's also an upside 4 or what could also look like a cross...

Anonymous said...

Where is peter bishop? Indeed.


Anonymous said...

It just makes me happy that wherever Peter is, he is on Fringe!


Fringie6989 said...

Yay first teaser for season 4! Gosh I am just so glad that Peter is "Somewhere" Is it September yet?

Matthew M said...

But do they know and recognize who he is? That's the 64M$?

trent said...

I think it's very clever, that they're using Peter to start the promotional phase. He was the cliffhanger and they are trying to calm down his fans.

However, I find it a tad misleading. Finding Peter is not the purpose, the purpose of his disappearance is, supposedly, to give all the other characters more character development, to explore them without Peter, that's what the producers said.

I like that the question "Where is Peter Bishop?" doesn't put into question his existence, though.

So where is Peter Bishop? Putting my cynical hat on, I'd say Peter is hidden in a dark room, while they give the other characters that character development they need so much. They'll remember him and bring him back, the moment Olivia needs a boyfriend and they'll put him neatly in the background again, where he has been since day one.

fringeobsessed said...

Even more importantly Matthew M.,
will Peter Bishop not know and recognize who HE is-like the character Peter Lake in the book young Liv was reading in "Subject 13" called "Winter's Tale" by Mark Helprin.

Anonymous said...

Intriguing! I am currently reading Winter's Tale due to the fact that the show's inspiration came from that book. So far, I've found it a bit too descriptive and boring. I guess I am too anxious to read the part about time travel and parallels with the show.

In any case, I believe that Peter is just in another dimension. One where only the Observers can see and communicate with him. That doesn't necessarily mean he is dead or one of them.

Also, in this "new" universe/scenario, both worlds are crumbling and both Walters are fighting, but if Peter never existed in both worlds, then what caused the friction? What caused both worlds to crumble if there was no crossing over to kidnap/save Peter? If there was no "cause"?

PS. Can someone please do screenshots of the teaser clip so we can all stare and analyze what the upcoming scenes entail???? September is soo far away!!!

Anonymous said...

the whole clip are just snippets of past episodes that stem from season 1 to 3.

Vishwas S said...

I Feel the inverted mirror image of 4 is of importance too. It should mean Peter in not just in an parallel universe, but in an universe which is opposite to ours.

Unknown said...

Also consider this:

4 = quad = quadrant = coordinates. The "4" in the promo forms a sort of grid. The # is known as a hashtag for Twitter, but it also looks like a grid-square. There is a triangle formation in one of the quadrants formed by the "4" maybe at some point intersecting elsewhere for Peter. The Four also shows a visible "X." X as in intersection or X marks the spot. So, the promo master has done a good job with such a simple still picture...

Or maybe I've been staring at this GRE math study book too long, and I've gone crazy...

Fringie6989 said...

Wow Aimee! LOL SOOOOO interesting! Only Fringe could provide so many details to drive us mad trying to figure out what it means

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