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EXCLUSIVE:Kirk Acevedo on 'Fringe':"They Want Me for a Few Episodes"

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EXCLUSIVE: Kirk Acevedo on 'Fringe': "They Want Me for a Few Episodes"
By Lee Hernandez 06/23/2011 - 11:00

It's been over two years since Kirk Acevedo was let go from FOX's hit show, Fringe, but the Puerto Rican actor — whose character Charlie Francis was a fan-favorite on the show — says he might be returning for several episodes in the fall. Acevedo, 39, spoke to Latina.com about his conversation with Fringe's show runners, what he'd like to see happen to Charlie on the show, and which of his Fringe co-stars he's excited to work with again.

Is there any truth to the rumor that you’ll be reprising your role as Agent Charlie Francis on Fringe?Yes. It all depends on my schedule. The only good thing is that I’m going to be in Los Angeles filming Prime Suspect, so it’s closer to Vancouver [where Fringe shoots]. I’ve got no problem [returning] if my schedule allows it.

But they do want you back, right?Yeah. I spoke to the show runners. They do! I know they want me for a few episodes.

If Charlie does return, what would you like to see happen to him?I want him to be kooky — the wilder the better for me personally. I'd rather play something really wacky.

Two years ago, you were upset about being let go from the show. How do you feel about it now?Obviously in the heat of the moment you take it personally, but it's not personal. I tell people all of the time that they would make any show in this business — whether it's Black, White, Hispanic, Jewish, Colombian, Dominican — whatever. They'll make it if it sells. It's a business. It's not personal. So I can't take it personally if people made artistic decisions on the show. My ego took it personal — that's the difference.

Who of your former Fringe co-stars are you excited to work with again?Oh, I love Ana [Torv]. Me and Ana got along well, so she definitely would be one of my favorites!

Do you think Ana might get some Emmy love this year?She should! She busts her ass on that show. And John Noble does, too. John definitely busts his ass on that show. They should both get at least a little something. And you know what, the writers, too. Because think about it — you've got to have imagination to write the dialogue and to come up with the plot line for alternate universes. It's remarkable. I don't know why it hasn't gotten any love yet. Ana should at least get a nomination. A nomination is a win.

Do you have a message for your loyal Fringe fans?That I enjoy Charlie Francis. I love everything about him — I even love his name. There's a lot of times that I hate my character name. I love the name Charlie Francis because I almost named my child Charlie Francis before I even got the show! And the fans are great — everybody's just so cool. I'm a sci-fi geek, too!


Unknown said...

Lovely, I miss Charlie. Loved Kirk on OZ. Oh, and my son's name is Kirk. ;)

fringeobsessed said...

I missed him too. Both Charlie and Scarlie!

Fringie6989 said...

I miss Charlie too. He was the best best friend an FBI agent can have! I'm glad they are still including him every once and awhile. Makes it less painful...

roneo said...

YES! Both Charlie (hey, who knows, if Peter doesn't exist, perhaps Charlie didn't die) and Scarlie could be the best allies to both Olivias....

latina.com said...

EXCLUSIVE! Bull. Someone else wrote the article for another website. You only put EXCLUSIVE in an article title when it is exclusive to you (fringetelevision.com). It is false advertising if you do so, it shows that you are a dishonest journalist, and this may subject you to copyright law violations and fines.

It is ok, within the article itself, to identify that it is exclusive to your source.

cortexifan said...

It says further down who wrote the article and I think they merely left the word exclusive in there because it is part of the original title as it is posted on latina.com.

Matthew M said...

This is so bogus. Kirk was in several episodes this season as Charlie Francis (please stop calling the character Scarlie, it's demeaning). They obviously mean they want him back as 'over there' Charlie not 'over here' Charlie! Are you people really as lame as you sound? Over here Charlie is dead, dead, DEAD! Cremated as trash in the incinerator or did you miss that episode?
Why do I even bother............?

Anonymous said...

@ Matthew M
Thank you for saying it! I completely agree and didn't understand the article at all because I was thinking the exact same thing as you.

FringeFrogee said...

Changed timeline could mean he is still alive over here.

Unknown said...

@ Matthew M

Calling people lame is sad when you can't even consider the obvious possibility that Charlie may have never died in a time-line where Peter Bishop never existed...

Unknown said...

@ Matthew M

So why do you bother? You haven't made the easy-to-see connections, so demeaning the intelligence of others in your posts shows your immaturity. Yes, we've all seen the episode where Charlie Francis was killed by the shape-shifter. Now, everything is up in the air for Season 4 because we saw Peter Bishop blink out of existence.

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